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1 Tornadoes

2 Tornado Formation Severe “Super Cell” Thunderstorm (1% spawn tornadoes) Often occur along cold fronts and move to NE Strong updrafts Wind shear (change in direction or strength of winds from top to bottom of storm)

3 Funnel Cloud v. Tornado Tornado Funnel Cloud

4 Waterspout - over water - less power - smaller temp gradient

5 World Tornado Geography
USA: 90%+ of all tornadoes

6 USA Tornado Geography Every state! Tornado Alley (TX, OK, KS, NE)


8 USA Tornado Season Most common when temperature gradient in central U.S. is greatest.

9 USA Tornado Occurrence
About tornadoes spotted each year.

10 Tornado Classification
Fujita F-scale F0 (winds < 120 mph) to F5 (winds mph) based on rotational wind speed and damage done Size: Tornadoes generally < 1/4 mile wide (damage path only 150 ft.)

11 Largest Tornado Outbreak
Deadliest Tornado Tri-state tornado outbreak of March 18, 1925 Kills 689 people in Missouri, Illinois & Indiana Largest Tornado Outbreak April 3-4, 1974 Super-Outbreak 148 tornadoes overnight across 11 states

12 Tornado Forecasting NEXRAD doppler radar (WSR-88D)
138 stations across the USA Intensity of storm noted by amount of reflection off rain, hail, and ice crystals. Hook cloud is an indicator. Orlando, Florida

13 Tornado Indicators What to look for….

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