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Unit 4 – Part 2

2 A history report explains an important historical event
A history report explains an important historical event. It is a type of writing that explains something from the point of view of someone who witnessed (saw) something happen.

3 A history report answers the five “wh-“ questions:
Who? What? Where? When? Why?

4 A history report has an interesting introduction.
Example: “World War I is often called the “first modern war” because soldiers used modern weapons for the first time.”

5 A history report is organized chronologically (events are in correct time order).
* Use a sequence of events chart.

6 A history report has a conclusion that summarizes the most important information

7 Writing Tips Make sure your facts are accurate. If you are not sure, check additional sources. Use your own words – don’t copy! List your resources. Use Focus on the most important details and interesting facts. Be sure your topic isn’t too big. Your information should answer the “wh-“ questions. Make your report fun to read.

8 ASSIGNMENT Interview someone who has witnessed a historical event.
Example: a war such as the Gulf War, World War II, a bad storm such as a tornado or hurricane, a space event such as landing on the moon. It can be a positive or negative event.

9 Prewrite Make a list of questions to ask in your interview. Be sure your topic isn’t too big. For example, if you are writing about a war, ask questions about a single event or time period. During the interview, take notes on the answers to your “wh-“ questions. Use your interview notes, sequence of events chart, maps, timelines, and pictures to help readers understand your report.

10 Editing Checklist Work with a partner to edit your paper. Did you:
_____ Answer the “wh-“ questions? _____ Use simple past tense verbs? _____ Use pronouns correctly? _____ Write complete sentences with correct punctuation? _____ Are the events in proper time order? _____ Are the facts accurate? _____ List resources? _____ Include a title?

11 Revise and publish your paper
Type Double space 1” margins Times New Roman 12 pt. font One page in length Attach your sequence of events chart


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