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helpline n. 服务热线 lonely adj. 孤独的 ; 寂寞的 Do you have many friends?

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4 helpline n. 服务热线 lonely adj. 孤独的 ; 寂寞的

5 Do you have many friends?

6 Do you often talk about anything with your best friend?

7 How long have you been friends?

8 Do you have any problems with him/her?

9 1Lingling wants to speak to Betty / Mrs King. 2Betty is in / out. 3Betty’s friend / Mrs King’s friend works on the Friendship Helpline.

10 a) I’m sorry, she’s not in at the moment. b) Is that Mrs. King? c) Could I speak to Betty, please? d) May I have the number? e) Can I take a message? f) Thanks so much. 2 3 1 5 4 6


12 1. Who has the problem? Linging. 2. What’s her problem? …

13 1Linging called to ask for advice about her schoolwork. 2Linging and her best friend are now in the same school. 3Linging is happy to see her best friend at the same school. 4Linging is having a hard time in the new school. 5Linging gets help from the helpline.

14 When you get (1)_________ from a friend, it may create problems for your friendship. She may not want you to see your other Friends. If this is the case, she probably (2)_______ you like that because she does not feel sure of (3)________. encourage herself introduce lonely patient regret separate treat separated treats herself

15 Try to find out whether she feels (4)_______ without you. It is natural to feel like that. She probably (5)________ hurting you. Be (6)________ with her, (7)_________ her to your other friends and (8)___________ her to join in more. encourage herself introduce lonely patient regret separate treat lonely regrets patientintroduce encourage

16 电话用语: Who’s calling, please? This is … speaking.


18 1Don’t tell me who she is. 2Tell me when the problem started. 3Can you tell me how she’s different? 4Maybe she doesn’t feel very sure of herself in her new school. 5I’ll encourage her to join in more. Listen and underline the words the speaker stresses.

19 1. We got separated when we went to different schools last term, but we stayed in touch. get separated 意为 “ 分开,分隔 ” 。 e.g. We got separated when we were young. 我们小时候就分开了。

20 2. So could you explain what happened then? explain v. 解释;说明 explain sth. to sb. 向某人解释某事 e.g. Can you explain the rules of the game? 你能说明一下游戏规则吗? I’ll explain the problem to you. 我会向你解释这个问题。

21 3. Could I ask if you’ve mentioned this to her? mention sth. to sb. 意为 “ 向某人说起某 事 ” 。 e.g. I mentioned this idea to my mum, and she seemed to like it. 我把这个想法跟妈妈说了,她好像挺 喜欢的。

22 4. But she refused to listen. refuse to do sth. 意为 “ 拒绝去做某事 ” 。 e.g. I refused to buy those things. 我拒绝买那些东西。 5. Do you know why she treats you like that? treat sb. like that 意为 “ 向那样对待某 人 ” 。 e.g. He treated me like that when I was in trouble. 当我遇到麻烦时,他那样对我。

23 6. Maybe she doesn’t feel very sure of herself in her new school. herself 意为 “ 她自己 ” 。是反身代词。 e.g. She can look after herself. 她可以照顾她自己。

24 7. Try to find out whether she feels lonely without you. whether 意为 “ 是否 ” ,相当于 if 。 feel lonely 意为 “ 感到孤独 ” 。 e.g. He asked me whether she was coming. 他问我她是否来。 a lonely house in the country 乡下一间孤零零的房子

25 8. I’m sure she regrets hurting you. regret 意为 “ 懊悔,遗憾 ” 。 regret doing sth. 意为 “ 遗憾做了某事 ” 。 e.g. I regret disturbing you when you study. 我很懊悔在你学习的时候打扰你。

26 9. Try to introduce her to them. introduce … to sb. 意为 “ 向某人介绍 …” 。 e.g. Let me introduce my friend to you. 让我向你介绍我的朋友。

27 10. So be patient with her and explain to her that she can make friends with your other friends too. be patient with 意为 “ 对 …… 有耐心 ” 。 e.g. Ms Wang is always patient with her students. 王老师对她的学生很有耐心。

28 make friends with sb. 意为 “ 与某人交朋友 ” e.g. I am glad to make friends with you. 我很高兴能和你交朋友。

29 11. I’ll encourage her to join in more. encourage sb. to do sth. 意为 “ 鼓励某 人去做某事 ” 。 e.g. Our teacher always encourage us to speak English aloud in class. 我们老师总是鼓励我们在课堂上大声 说英语。

30 join in 意为 “ 加入, 参加 ” 。指参加某 项活动。 e.g. Would you like to join in the party tonight? 你来参加今晚的派对吗?

31 whether/if 及疑问词引导的宾语从句 一、 whether/if 引导的宾语从句 如果我们要表达像 “ 他不知道他们周六是 否会去植树 ” 或 “ 我记不清以前是否见过 他 ” 这样的不确定的概念时,从句就要用 whether 或 if 来引导,不能用 that 。

32 e.g. He does not know whether they will plant trees on Saturday or not. He asks whether/if we will go fishing on Sunday. Tom wants to know whether/if he needs to come early tomorrow.

33 注意: if 与 whether 引导宾语从句时都有 “ 是否 ” 的意思,一般情况下可以互换。 但是在动词不定式之前、介词之后或者 句尾有 or not 出现时,一般只能用 whether 。 e.g. We haven’t decided whether to go or not. The old woman asked me whether/if I knew the way to the bank.


35 Student A: You call the helpline to ask for advice on your problems: I’m shy and I haven’t had many friends. I had a big fight with my best friend and we don’t talk to each other now. I have to go to a new school, but I don’t want to leave my friends.

36 Student B: You work on the helpline. Listen to Student A’s problems and try to help. —This is … on the helpline. How can I help you? —This is … speaking. I have a problem …

37 1. The good friends got ____ when they went to different colleges. A. part B. separate C. separated 2. Don’t refuse ___ to the new song, it’s so wonderful. A. to listen B. listen C. listening

38 3. My father often ______ the importance of study to me. A. mention B. mentions C. mentioned 4. When others don’t understand, you should be patient _____ them. A. to B. at C. with D. for

39 1. Do you know _____ Zunyi or not tomorrow? 【 2012 黔西南】 A. whether are they leaving for B. whether they are leaving for C. if they are leaving for D. if are they leaving for

40 2. --What about going to the South Lake for a picnic next weekend? 【 2012 绵阳市】 -- OK. But I’m not sure _____ it will rain. A. why B. where C. when D. whether

41 3. --Is Tom still in New York or already back at home? --I’m not sure ______. I’ll call to make sure. 【 2012 湖北十堰】 A. how he will be back B. that he has come back C. why he has come back D. if he has been back

42 4. They wonder ________ robots will make humans lose their jobs or not. 【 2013 漳州】 A. that B. if C. whether

43 Finish the written task.


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