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Unit 2 Come to My Party.

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1 Unit 2 Come to My Party

2 Peter’s Birthday Party
Peter wanted to invite his friends to his birthday party. He wondered what to write in the invitation cards. “Mum,” said Peter, “could you please teach me how to write an invitation card?” “Sure ! You can start with phrases like ‘Please come to my birthday party’, ‘You’re invited to …’ or “It’s a party’. Always ask people politely. Remember to end your invitation with a closing phrase and your name. Don’t forget to ask for a reply. You can use ‘R.S.V.P.’ to mean ‘Please reply’.” Peter followed the instructions his mother gave him and wrote the invitation cards. The next day, Peter gave out his invitation cards to his friends at school They thanked Peter for the invitation and said that they would reply soon. Sandy apologised for not being able to go to his party.

3 P.17 It’s my birthday this Saturday. I hope all of you can come to my party and celebrate with me. Thank you, Peter. I’ll ask my mother and let you know tomorrow. This looks great! I’ll telephone and let you know tonight, Peter. Thanks, Peter. I’d love to come but I’m sorry I can’t. We’re going to my uncle’s house for the weekend. Thanks, Peter. I’ll ask my parents tonight.

4 Please come to my 9th birthday party!
What is happening? You’re Invited! To: Andy Please come to my 9th birthday party! Date: Saturday, 23rd October 2005 Time: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Place: Flat 20, 12/F, Acacia Building 150 Kennedy road Wan Chai Hong Kong From Peter R.S.V.P. Please write or call me at P.19 Who is being invited? Why is there a party? When is the party? When is the party being and end? Where will the party be held? Does the host want a reply? How can the receiver of the invitation reply? Who is the host?

5 Mei received Peter’s invitation card and she wanted to reply to his invitation. Her mother showed her how to write a reply. P.20 Flat 15, 10/F, wing Lee Building 40 Spring Garden Lane Wan Chai Hong Kong 18th July 200X Dear Peter, Thank you for your invitation. I can come to your party on Saturday. I am looking forward to it. From, Mei Address Date Greeting and name of person Polite explanation of whether the person invited can or cannot Attend. Ending

6 P.21 Are you going by bus? Yes, I am.
At the school, all of Peter’s friends were very excited about his party. They asked each other questions about the party. P.21 Are you going by bus? Yes, I am.

7 P.21 Is Peter’s party on a Sunday? No, it is not.

8 P.21 Will you be going to the party? No, I will not be going to the party.

9 P.21 Will you give Peter a present? Yes, I will give Peter a present.

10 P.21 Should we go early and help Peter? Yes, we should.

11 P.21 Would you like to share a present for Peter? Yes, I would.

12 Some of Peter’s friends offered to help
with the preparations before the party. P.23 May I help you plan the party games? Can I help prepare the food for the party? Can I help with food preparation too? May we help you wrap the prizes?

13 Another pupil was also planning to hold her birthday party soon and she wanted to invite her classmates to her party. P.23 Will you come to my birthday party next month? Yes, I will.

14 Hello, Mrs. Chan. This looks exicting!
Finally, it was the day of Peter’s party! P.25 Hello, Mrs. Chan. This looks exicting! Welcome to Peter’s party. We hope you’ll have a good time. Happy Birthday, Peter. Thank you for inviting us. We love parties.

15 Sally won one of the party games and everyone congratulated her.
Well Done, Sally! You are the winner! You deserve to win! You are the best. Congratulations, Sally!

16 What a Super prize! Thank you.
Joseph also won a prize in a game. P.25 What a Super prize! Thank you.

17 Soon, it was the end of the party. How did the children thank John
Soon, it was the end of the party. How did the children thank John? How did John reply? P.25 Thank you. It was a great party. I really enjoyed the party. Thank you all for coming. Thank you. Goodbye. Thank you for inviting me. I’m glad you came. Thank you for the great presents.

18 Stamp bump dump damp camp
Listen to the sound of these words. Then, Read them aloud. Do you notice a pattern in the sound of the last two letters of the words in each row? P.28 mp Stamp bump dump damp camp sk ask mask task dusk tusk

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