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Note Taking From Text Mini-Seminar Libertyville HS.

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1 Note Taking From Text Mini-Seminar Libertyville HS

2 Methods of Note-taking  Outlining (numbers / bullets) Well organized (w/ practice) Easy to review for tests  Cornell system Easy to review for tests Simple, efficient (w/ practice)  Mapping or a “graphic organizer” For the visually oriented Review materials easy to develop (w/ practice)

3 Outlining  Easiest to create outline on computer  Word: Format=>bullets and numbering=>outline – it is the second numbered box on top row

4 Cornell System  Before taking notes, prepare your paper Draw line two inches from left side (1) Draw line two inches from bottom, across width (3) Write notes in section 2 Write cues or headings in section 1 After you finish notes, write summary in sect. 3

5 Mapping or “Graphic Organizer”  Relates things from reading to one another  Think of it as a “picture” of the reading material  To review, cover facts and check your recollection

6 Making the Textbook your Friend!  Use the organization of the textbook to organize your notes  Chapter headings, sub headings & paragraph headings of book can become your outline points, Cornell points, or signal your next map idea  When organizing notes, BE CONSISTENT!!! Put chapter vocabulary in the same place, every time (easy to find on quizzes, when studying) Use same format, every time

7 Best Approach to Textbook Note Taking 1.Read a section of your textbook for understanding DON’T WRITE ANYTHING DOWN YET! Why not? (write down too much, no processing) 2.Review the material visually and paraphrase Locate main idea(s) & imp. sub-points Put aside textbook & paraphrase (put into your own words) these ideas 3.Write paraphrased ideas into your notes Add enough detail from text to understand idea 4.Go to next section and repeat

8 Let’s Practice!  Read the first 2 paragraphs of “The Neolithic Age: Agriculture” on pp 8-9 of your text book and follow the steps 1.Read section for understanding 2.Review the main ideas and paraphrase 3.Write the paraphrased ideas as your notes  Compare your notes with your neighbor – are they similar? Different?

9 Your mission……  Choose a method of note taking and apply it to this weekend’s homework, pp 8-13  HINT – there will be an assessment on that homework on Monday!

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