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Taking Notes in Social Studies

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1 Taking Notes in Social Studies
Objective: Explicitly assess information and draw conclusions

2 Taking Notes in Social Studies
Note-taking is about decision-making and organization. Good notes allow you to make great study guides for tests & quizzes without rereading the text! Everyone’s notes will look different. Take Notes during CLASS as well as from textbook. Take Notes on the next few slides!

3 Method #1: Cornell Notes
Set Up your Paper Use loose leaf notebook paper. Divide the paper by drawing a vertical line about 2" from the left side of the page. Follow along: Use your textbook & handout

4 Label your Notes: Write the following information at the top of each page: Your Name Date For class notes: Topic of Discussion For text notes: Chapter & Section Titles and Numbers; Add page numbers

5 Record Notes Record Notes
Left margin: Section headings, vocab terms, key people, dates, and events Left margin: Add Guiding questions Right margin: Your notes/Main ideas Rule of thumb: 3 main ideas per paragraph Summarize information in your own words Skip a line between ideas and several lines between topics. (This is helpful for adding notes during class)

6 Helpful Tips Don’t: write in full sentences!
Don’t: write everything down in your notes (Note-taking is about making decisions) DO: Use symbols and abbreviations to save time! DO: Take notes on MORE than just the bolded words (or else you won’t have enough information) DO: Include important people, dates, and events DO: For new vocabulary words that are difficult to understand, include an example. DO: Use underlining and asterisks for emphasis

7 Review and Clarify After class or note-taking, review your notes
Add Question Marks in Margin for areas you need to clarify and ask me. Highlight, circle, or Star any topics that are covered in class (as well as in the text). Write a summary (main ideas) at the end of your notes.

8 Other Note-taking Styles?
Cornell Notes are one of the best time-savers for reviewing for quizzes and tests: They are Built-in Flash Cards Class and Text notes all in one place Easier to find information to make a quick study guide

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