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5 Themes of Geography.

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1 5 Themes of Geography

2 Today’s Target I can… Define and explain the 5 Themes of Geography.
Apply the 5 Themes to describe a city, country, cultural group, etc.

3 1. Location Relative location: location is compared to something else
Absolute location: location is compared to something else Ex: “My house is south of the store.” exact coordinates of a location Ex: Address, latitude & longitude coordinates


5 2. Place Human Characteristics:
Physical Characteristics: Pertaining to the people in an area (culture, religion, ethnicity, education, etc.) Pertaining to the physical features in an area (mountains, rivers, farmland, etc.)


7 3. Human-Environment Interaction
Adapt: Modify: Depend: People changing themselves based on their environment People changing their environment to better suit their needs People relying on their environment to provide physical, monetary, or cultural support


9 4. Movement People: Goods: Ideas: Relocation of people within a location, or from one location to another Sending items from one location to another (often due to trade) Sharing of opinions, philosophies, or believes between and within cultures


11 5. Region Formal: Functional: Vernacular: Location with a specific start and stop point (boundaries) Location formed around a transportation hub or center Location defined by a shared culture or identity


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