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The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World.

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1 The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World

2 Theme 1: Location Where is It? Why is It There? Two Types of Location Absolute Relative

3 Absolute Location A specific place on the Earth’s surface Uses a grid system Latitude and longitude A global address

4 Texas Absolute Location Texas 25 ° N Latitude 10 ° W longitude Austin 30º 16' N Latitude 97º 44' W Longitude

5 Relative Location Where a place is in relation to another place Uses directional words to describe –Cardinal and intermediate directions

6 Texas Texas is positioned in both the northern and western hemispheres. Located in the southern Gulf-Coast region of the United States of America - a part of North America - it's bordered by the U.S. States of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, it's bordered by the Rio Grande River that forms the state's entire border with the country of Mexico, a border 1,951 miles - 3,141 km in length.

7 Theme 2: Place Physical Characteristics Land Features Mountains, plains, and plateaus Climate Bodies of Water

8 Texas: Physical Characteristics

9 Theme 2: Place Human Characteristics People Culture Language Religion Buildings and Landmarks Cities

10 Texas : Human/Place Characteristics

11 Theme 3: Human Environment Interaction How People Interact With Their Environment People... Adapt to Their Environment Modify Their Environment Depend on Their Environment

12 Texas: Human Environment Interaction

13 Theme 4: Movement The Mobility of People Goods Ideas How Places are linked to one another and the world

14 Texas: Movement

15 Theme 5: Regions What Places Have in Common Political Regions Landform Regions Agricultural Regions Cultural Regions

16 Texas : Regions

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