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What distinguishes us? LOCATION 64 000 citizens* one of the main cities of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) Poznań – 80 km Wrocław – 100 km Warszawa – 350.

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2 What distinguishes us?

3 LOCATION 64 000 citizens* one of the main cities of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) Poznań – 80 km Wrocław – 100 km Warszawa – 350 km Berlin – 340 km Praga – 340 km *Data from end of 2009

4 UNDER THE LESZNO SKY – gliding picnic Grass sposrts airfield – the biggest in Europe Gliding World Championchips: 1958, 1968, 2003 2013 – World Junior Gliding Championships

5 UNDER THE LESZNO SKY Polish Aero Club Central Gliding School: training, licences, free time Center for flight sports: gliders, hot air balloons, micro air vehicles


7 Success of the local team SPEEDWAY PASSION Poland gained the title of the Team World Champion, 19.07.2009 Organisation of international events

8 the Unia Leszno speedway club became Team Champion of Poland, 27.09.2010 SPEEDWAY PASSION

9 Other sports Leszno is known for: fencing triathlon and duanthlon basketball swimming speedbiking bowling handball horse riding. Numerous sports facilities of Leszno SPEEDWAY PASSION and…


11 1547 – municipal rights for Leszno LESZNO REGION THE RIGHT ROYAL WAY! - history

12 LESZNO REGION THE RIGHT ROYAL WAY! The history of Leszno is connected with king Stanisław Leszczyński

13 LESZNO REGION THE RIGHT ROYAL WAY! Historic buildings of Leszno

14 LESZNO REGION THE RIGHT ROYAL WAY! Cultural, active, farm tourism The tourists in the region are welcome the right royal way!

15 CULTURAL INSPIRATIONS Amateur clubs, workshops, divisions

16 Leszno Days Summer Fair Return of the King Jazz workshops PERIODICAL EVENTS May bike rally with ABC Gliding picnic Dog shows


18 OPEN FOR BUSINESS Leszno – the economic centre of the region 8752 economic entities 127 with foreign capital 21 939 employees Data from end of 2009

19 Economic entities according to PKD – Polish classificatioon of economic activities* *Data from end of 2009 Unemployment rate: Leszno 7,7%* Poland 11,9%* OPEN FOR BUSINESS

20 BUSINESS SUPPORT: ENTREPRENEURSHIP INCUBATOR Strenghtening of the Leszno network of business support institutions – assuring the appropriate basis for entrepreneurship development through building of the entrepreneurship incubator Activity directions: 1. PREINCUBATION – promotion of entrepreneurship, support at the first stage of the companys activity, 2. INCUBATION – infrastructure, training, consulting, 3. DEVELOPMENT OF EXISTING COMPANIES – increasing of the quality and complementarity of business support services, 4. ECONOMICAL PROMOTION – gaining of investors. Location: investment zone IDEA

21 Euro-Comfort Sp. z o.o. -production of bedding Leszczyńska Fabryka Pomp Sp. z o.o. -production of pumps and casts LOB S.A.-production of security devices, construction and furniture fittings Akwawit – Brasco S.A.-fermentation industry Spinko Sp. z o.o.-production of alluminium casts, window and door handles Lespin Sp. z o.o.-production of clothing Leithauser Sp. z o.o.-production of menswear THE LARGESR COMPANIES IN TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT

22 COMMERCE AND REPAIRS Number of persons employed in commerce: 3.158* (in companies with more than 9 employees) Number of economic entities operating with commerce: 2553* Number of commerce centers with big surface: 4* (sufrace over 2000 m2) *Data from end of 2009

23 INDUSTRY Key sectors: metal and machines, building and food industry

24 LESZNO ENTREPRENEURS OF THE YEAR YearName, surnameCompany 2001Marek NiemczykC&c Partners Telecom Sp. z o.o. 2002Leszek JanuszFrili Properties Polska Sp. z o.o. 2003Zenon NadolnyDeplast - Komix Sp. J. 2004Janusz SzyszkowiakLeszczyńska Fabryka Pomp Sp. z o.o. 2005Andrzej GołdynSporting Sp. J. 2006Tomasz StroińskiWojewodzki Szpital Zespolony w Lesznie 2007M. A. GawliccyPiekarnia Ratajczak & Gawlicki 2008 Andrzej Klabiński Meibes Sp.z o.o. 2009 Paul Chrobok Euro-Comfort Sp.z o.o. Persons honoured by the President of Leszno Town:

25 OPEN FOR BUSINESS Investment zone IDEA: Free investment areas with total space of 40 ha


27 HIGHER STANDARD SCHOOLS 12 primary schools 12 lower secondary schools 6 basic vocational schools 6 secondary schools 5 specialized secondary schools Data from end of 2009

28 Higher education schools in Leszno: Higher Vocational State School Higher School of Humanities Higher School of Marketing and Management 3 higher education schools = 6 217 students (data from end of 2009) HIGHER STANDARD SCHOOLS


30 EUROPEAN FUNDS Hitehrto total funding amount in the financing period 007-2013: 179.177.092,42 zł* * Data from 06.10.10, exchange rate of the day Modern waste treatment plant of Trzebania Road no. 323 A SOLARIS bus

31 PARTNER TOWNS Friend towns: St. Pölten, Sisak, Stryj, Zweibrücken, Batouri Suhl (Germany) since 1984 Deurne (Holland) since 1989 Montluçon (France) since 2004

32 The RUnUP project: Role of universities in Urban Poles Local authorities Business Higher schools The project partners: higher schools entrepreneurs administration build the so called triple helix and partnership structure which aims at support for the local and regional development and ehnancement of the level of innovation.

33 Project duration: 30 months 1.11.2008 – 21.05.2011 Partner towns in the project Barakaldo (Spain) Solna (Sweden) Campobasso (Italy) Patras (Greece) Potsdam (Germany) Agueda (Portugal) Dunkirk (France) Leszno (Poland) The RUnUP project: Role of universities in Urban Poles

34 2009: Plaque of Honor for Leszno for spreading the idea of European unity THE EUROPEAN WAY: DICTINCTION

35 Thank you for your attention

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