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Islam The 5 Pillars and other useful information….

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1 Islam The 5 Pillars and other useful information…

2 #1 Shahadah Belief in one God Muhammad received God’s final revelation to humanity Most Muslims say it each day

3 #2 Salat The prayers each Muslim must recite 5 times each day Prayers must be said facing Mecca, Saudi Arabia (the city where Muhammad was born)

4 #3 Zakat Financial Obligation Giving money to those in need if you can afford it

5 #4 Sawn Becoming pure through fasting Ramadan marks the 9 th month on the Muslim calendar – no food from sunrise to sunset

6 #5 Hajj A pilgrimage to Mecca each Muslim should make in one’s lifetime Wearing simple clothing to eliminate differences and create a unity of believers

7 Facts about Islam The Koran / Q’uran is the Holy Book Muslims call God – Allah (the Arabic word for God) Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world Someone who practices Islam is called a Muslim Islam was founded around the 7 th century C.E.

8 Facts about Islam Muhammad was the last prophet of God Abraham, Moses and Jesus were also prophets Muslims recognize the Angel Gabriel and note their belief that he visited Muhammad Islam is mostly concentrated in the Middle East and Northern and Eastern Africa Video on Islam

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