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Islam Vocabulary.

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1 Islam Vocabulary

2 Saudi Arabia A country in the Middle East where the religion of Islam began

3 Islam A monotheistic religion that started in the early 600s in Arabia

4 Muslims People who believe in/follow the religion of Islam

5 Muhammad The most important prophet in the religion of Islam

6 5 Pillars of Islam Faith – There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet Prayer (5xs) Giving charity Fasting during Ramadan Pilgrimage – travel to Mecca

7 Mecca and Medina Two holy cities in Islam where it began

8 mosque Holy building where Muslims worship and pray

9 Qur’an (Koran) Islamic holy book believed to hold the message of Muhammad from the angel Gabriel

10 Ottoman Empire Islamic empire which took a lot of European territory and controlled the Silk Road (1300 CE – 1920 CE)

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