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6th Grade Bellwork August.

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1 6th Grade Bellwork August

2 Bellwork 8/24/08 (Day 1) Write two paragraphs of 4-6 sentences each.
Paragraph one: What were some of the best parts of 5th grade? What are some things you are proud of from last year? Paragraph two: What were some of the worst parts of 5th grade? What are some things you would like to improve on from last year? I would like these to be about school more than your personal life.

3 Bellwork, 8/25/08 (Day 2) Take out a sheet of paper and write at least two paragraphs of 4-6 sentences on your choice of the following. (Each of your two paragraphs should be about one distinct topic.) What are your expectations for 6th grade Language Arts? teacher classroom rules books/stories/subject matter expectations for yourself any other expectations you have

4 Bellwork #3 8/26 (Day 3) Have you ever dreamed of walking onstage to accept an Oscar? Do you long to be a basketball star? Would you give anything to be the best dancer at your school? We aim for many different goals in life. One dream many of us have is to hear the crowd cheering, just once, for us. You may have to fight your way to that moment of glory. Write one paragraph of 4-6 sentences and tell what you are willing to do – and not willing to do – to be a star. When you are done, put your bellwork away and go get a blue book from the back of the room.

5 Bellwork August 27/2009 Write one paragraph (5-7 sentences).
Who is your favorite author? Why do you like this author? What are some of the books you have read by this person? Do you think this person is a good writer? If so, what makes him/her a good writer? If you don’t have a favorite author, tell me about your favorite something else that you read – favorite magazine, favorite kind of graphic novel, etc. (You still need to write at least five sentences.)

6 Bellwork August 28, 2009 How does it feel to be an outsider?
Why do people sometimes refuse to accept someone into their group? Write a paragraph of 4-6 sentences responding with your thoughts on these questions.

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