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DEP Source Water Assessment and Protection Measures & Program Activity.

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1 DEP Source Water Assessment and Protection Measures & Program Activity

2 DEP Combined Federal and State Measures



5 PA-LWV (SWP Promotion): WREN (Local Educational Grants): PRWA (SWP Info Clearinghouse): EPA (EPA Source Water Resources): USGS (WHPA Delineation Strategy/Case Studies): Partners & Resources





10 Expansion of RAIN Development of watershed Based SWPP

11 DEP

12 Increasing nitrate concentration One water system has ceased using the intake on the creek Chester Water Authority using secondary source ½ the year Source of nitrate is from ground water base flow % EXCEEDANCE OF ROUTINE SAMPLES

13 DEP


15 10/2008 - Elevated total dissolved solids (TDS) > than SDWA standard (500 mg/l) Potential sources of TDS in watershed include abandoned & active surface and deep coal mines, waste water and industrial discharges (receiving HF flow-back) PA DEP reduced HF % flow at wastewater treatment plants River under historic low flow conditions TDS concentrations returned to normal in December 2008 after recovery of river flow

16 DEP

17 Priority Program / ActivityTrigger InspectionFundingRemediation, Plan, permit or Enforcement CWA – PA Std., TMDL & 319Impairment for DW Use XX Growing GreenerProjects in SWA XX Underground Injection Control 5Facility in WHPA X X FSA – EQUIP, CRP, CCRPProjects w/in 2000 WHPA X DOT – Pipelines (petroleum)Facility in SWA X X Land Trusts / fundingFacility in SWA XX DCNR facilities and purchaseLand in SWA X UST – federal MOUFacility in WHPA X X Act 67 / 68SWA in Comprehensive Plan X PA SWAP – Integration & Coordination Efforts

18 DEP PA SWAP Program Development 11/12 Guidance for SWA delineation of new sources Work to continue regulatory changes for SWAP Guidance for gas well drilling permit near CWS sources Minor SWPP changes SWAP GIS Tool fully implemented Source Water Information System completed Support inclusion of SWPP in county planning (focus Dms) Integration of SWPP, TMDL & CWA to address nitrate Continue to develop and deploy SWAP Assist Institute SWAP inspections or audits at risk CWS Complete Lower Susquehanna River Watershed SWPP Begin process to award SWP TAP 2012 - 2017

19 DEP Joe Lee, Chief Source Protection Section Division of Water Use Planning (717)783-5469

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