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1 Thomas Lancaster Robert Clarke School of Computing, Telecommunications and Networks Birmingham City University © Lancaster & Clarke 2010 Do It For Me!

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1 1 Thomas Lancaster Robert Clarke School of Computing, Telecommunications and Networks Birmingham City University © Lancaster & Clarke 2010 Do It For Me! Managing Academic Misconduct

2 Question Is Plagiarism Dead? Managing Academic Misconduct 2 Our work on Contract Cheating has demonstrated two things: (1) that there is a market for the Do It For Me! solution… (2) that students are getting more knowledgeable and sophisticated…

3 Managing Academic Misconduct 3 Students Ask… Marketing Forum

4 Managing Academic Misconduct 4 Auction Site

5 Suppliers Advertise… Managing Academic Misconduct 5

6 6 Online small ads web site Leaflet handed out to students

7 Cheating Like a Student is Easy Set up an anonymous e-mail account= 5 minutes Set up and link a RentACoder account= 5 minutes Place bid request= 5 minutes Approved on: Aug 27, 2008 6:42:06 AM EDT First Bid: Aug 27, 2008 6:44:34 AM (for $30) Managing Academic Misconduct 7 HEA ICS Conference 2008

8 And Cheap! 7 bids within 1 hour 59 bids in total, ranging from $4 to $30 Managing Academic Misconduct 8

9 Question What Can We Do About It? Managing Academic Misconduct 9 Need to Think About Managing Academic Misconduct and Preventing Plagiarism in the context of Do It For Me!

10 TurnItIn is not the solution Managing Academic Misconduct 10 TurnItIn is a text matching algorithm. Original work is not text matched. Here are five areas in which we must improve.

11 1. Make Assessment Personal Managing Academic Misconduct 11 Individually Focused Assessments Assess Both Process and Product Use Integral Vivas

12 Managing Academic Misconduct 12 Assessing process; Using a viva Limit number of marks for the product Use of a scripted viva Assignment also tagged: Team Escandov used in a Google Alert

13 2. Tighten Academic Procedures Managing Academic Misconduct 13 Make Penalties Fit The Crime Build in Review Process for Regulations Record Anti-Cheating Measures During Moderation

14 Managing Academic Misconduct 14 Department of Computing at BCU required staff to define anti-cheat measure for each element of assessment Next move – require the reporting back of success of these measures in module reports with best practice going forward to the annual course report.

15 3. Make Cheating Unacceptable to Students Managing Academic Misconduct 15 Ethical Angle: Is Cheating Victimless? Incorporate Honor Codes Explain the Value of Outsourced Work

16 Managing Academic Misconduct 16 Nursing Degree Example Of all women with court orders for child support payments in 2001, 40% received full payment, 28% received partial payments, and 32% received nothing (United Kingdom Bureau of the Census, 2003). Support is undoubtedly highest at the time of birth and drops off sharply as relations frequently deteriorate between the child's parents........ In the Wales study, which began in the mid- 1960s, 46% of the unmarried fathers were providing support to their children a year after delivery. Seventeen years later, just 11% of the never-married and 23% of the formerly married men were helping to support their children (Furstenberg et al., 2001). Original Source Teenaged pregnancy and childbearing. Furstenberg, Frank F.; Brooks- Gunn, Jeanne; Chase-Lansdale, Lindsay American Psychologist. Vol 44(2), Feb 1989, 313-320. United States changed to United Kingdom Boston changed to Wales Year changed from 1989 to 2001 Third year research essay bought from an Essay Mill web site

17 4. Solve The Supply Issue Managing Academic Misconduct 17 Glorification of Cheating by the Press Government Pressures Accidental Suppliers

18 Managing Academic Misconduct 18 RULES OF THE UNIX AND LINUX FORUMS at (1) No flames, shouting (all caps), sarcasm, bullying, profanity or arrogant posts. (2) No negative comments about others or impolite remarks. Be patient. (3) Refrain from idle chatter that does not contribute to the knowledge base. This does not apply to the forums in The Unix Lounge which are for off-topic discussions. (4) Do not 'bump up' questions if they are not answered promptly. No duplicate or cross-posting and do not report a post or send a private message where your goal is to get an answer more quickly. (5) Search the forums database with your keywords before asking. (6) Do not post classroom or homework problems. (7) No job postings from headhunters or recruiters except in The Unix Forums Job Board. (8) No BSD vs. Linux vs. Windows or similar threads. (9) Edit your posts if you see spelling or grammar errors (don't write in cyberchat or cyberpunk style). English only. (10) Don't post your email address and ask for an email reply. Don't send a private message with a technical question. The forums are for the benefit of all, so all Q&A should take place in the forums. (11) Post questions with descriptive subjects. For example, do not post questions with subjects like "Help Me!", "Urgent!!" or "Doubt". Post subjects like "Execution Problems with Cron" or "Help with Backup Shell Script". (12) These are not hacker boards so hacker related posts will be promptly deleted or moderated. (13) The forum administrators reserve the right to prune, move or edit posts that do not adhere to the rules or are technically inaccurate. (14) The forum administrators reserve the right to remove users or change their posting status to read only without notice if any rules are not followed. Threads that contain homework requests are closed down

19 5. Work on Technical Solutions Managing Academic Misconduct 19 Active Monitoring of Known Sites Make Assignment Specifications Traceable Develop Sylometric Solutions

20 Managing Academic Misconduct 20 Stylometrics If an elderly and distinguished professor says that a technology isnt possible, theyre almost certainly wrong. PC Pro

21 Question Why Wont This Stop? Managing Academic Misconduct 21 It is too profitable

22 Managing Academic Misconduct 22 Buy & Sell Websites

23 Managing Academic Misconduct 23

24 Managing Academic Misconduct 24 References Links to more information on Contract Cheating can be found through the entry on Wikipedia:- This includes links to the HEA workshop in held in March 2008 at BCU and the ASCE workshop held at Oxford Brookes in June 2009. School of CTN, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

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