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Attracting online users in Gateshead… Well be covering... Using a CMS to power your web site Live Help Web logs Future work at the Sage Gateshead.

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2 Attracting online users in Gateshead… Well be covering... Using a CMS to power your web site Live Help Web logs Future work at the Sage Gateshead

3 The background... 150 PCs across Gateshead as part of the PN February 2003, creation of a new learning space with 25 PCs Re-branding of traditional services to appeal to new users – iKnow

4 iKnow Gateshead Libraries Before….

5 iKnow Gateshead Libraries.. and after!

6 iKnow Gateshead Libraries The online space New library web site, funded by the Peoples Network Excellence Fund

7 Asap Live! Whats new? New breed interactive library website Powered by Affino CMS In partnership with Netmedia Education Launched January 2004

8 Asap live! What does it offer? Access to catalogue, opening hours, etc Forums and conferencing for online discussion Access to our Livehelp enquiry service Whats on – a regional music listing Output to mobile and PDA

9 Asap live! What does it offer? Picturebookradio – partnership working with childrens author Shoo Rayner AIRS talking newspaper online – future potential for sound files online FARNE – access to 4,000 digitised items about Northumbrian music

10 Gateshead Libraries website Lets take a look…

11 Delivery Affino: Powerful CMS used by the Royal Opera House, BBC, Diesel, etc Intelligent navigation and related content Easy to use - no knowledge of html required Available from £3,500

12 Delivery Using a CMS: Library service has complete editorial control of site One managing editor Many contributing editors Web development being built into everyday routines

13 Delivery Using a CMS: Maintaining a uniform style –Style and size of font dictated by CMS –Style of writing harder to control! –Editorial control important Overall, much more efficient and easy to manage

14 Live Help Real time enquiry service Pilot began in June 2002 UK Public Library first

15 Live Help What is Live Help? Real time enquiry service powered by Click & Care Uses page push technology Using new technologies to offer traditional library services

16 Live Help How does it work? For the agent… Log in and leave the software running Audible and visual alert that a customer is waiting Dialogue using pre-scripted text for speed Uses shortcuts to most popular sites

17 Live Help How does it work? For the end user: Immediate dialogue with expert staff Most enquiries answered immediately via the web Follow-up information delivered via e-mail or telephone when required Option to save dialogue with URLs

18 Live Help Lets have a go!

19 Live Help How is the service used? Majority of enquiries are Council related, from basic to in-depth Many are Tourist Information related Also used to support specialist info services

20 Live Help How do we answer enquiries? Popular search engines & bookmarked sites Copernic power search tool Telephone Books!

21 Live Help What skills are required to offer this? Advanced web searching skills Good knowledge of Council services Ability to remain calm

22 Live Help How is it delivered? Quieter service points and one stop shops main points of delivery Will soon offer access throughout library opening hours

23 Live Help How popular is it? At present average of 5 enquiries per day 100% customer satisfaction so far Local publicity planned this Summer

24 Live Help How is it delivered? Click & Care software provided by Swiss company Eivycom Six seats at c £150 per month Find out more at

25 Weblogs What are weblogs? Frequently updated, diary style web sites Popular discussion tools Template driven Easy to update, from anywhere No techie knowledge required

26 Weblogs Gateshead Library weblog Et cetera - http://www.libraryweblog.com First library weblog in the UK Over 150 registered members 6 content editors News, information, useful sites, discussion

27 Weblogs Delivery Userland Manila software Originally hosted by Now hosted by Gateshead Council Minimal costs Ability to create as many blogs as we like

28 Weblogs Future use… Community web publishing Specialist web sites - authors, musicians... Dissemination tool

29 The Sage Gateshead

30 Future work... The Sage Gateshead State of the art building on Gateshead Quays Two concert halls, rehearsal rooms, tuition space, bars and cafes Specialist library and information space Due to open Winter 2004/05

31 The Sage Gateshead iKnow Music Specialist staff Open 7 days a week, 9.30am to 8.30pm Up to date regional listings ICT & eLearning focus Overall aim: Any Music Question Answered

32 The Sage Gateshead: Digital citizens? Using Affino to deliver web presence Live Help at advertised times Specialist weblogs

33 In conclusion... Using digital technologies to: Offer new content and services online Allow people to engage with us from new environments Advise service users at the click of a button Guide people to resources they need electronically

34 For more information… Contact me at: Gateshead Central Library, NE8 4LN T: 0191 433 8400 E: Thanks you for your interest

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