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Using the cool tools: Communicating in the Age of the Social Web Karen Neves Kellogg Library 13 Nov 2007.

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1 Using the cool tools: Communicating in the Age of the Social Web Karen Neves Kellogg Library 13 Nov 2007

2 Web 2.0 Movement toward the “social web” Web becoming much more community focused Important to be linked in Communication becomes more immediate, more group-minded Has led to the development of “social software” & “social networking sites”

3 Facebook Worldwide membership 66 million Just under 18,000 members at Dalhousie Launched 2004 @ Harvard Originally built to connect students Now expanded to include businesses

4 Joining Facebook Create an individual profile Search for people you know Add them as friends Join groups of interest to you Add applications such as LibGuidesLibGuides –LibGuides provides access to resources gathered from number of sources on a single broad topic – created & maintained by Dal librarians

5 Facebook and students You can create groups for your students Can mass mail them with announcements They can create study groups You can create events to announce guest lectures, thesis defences, etc Students can connect directly to the library using LibGuides Connect to FacebookFacebook

6 MySpace Started in 2003 @ University of California, Berkeley 175 million+ users worldwide Fifth most popular site on the internet Has some bad press regarding children and internet safety More open than Facebook, although both have privacy settings

7 Joining MySpace Join MySpace same as Facebook – create individual profile Can join and create groups and events same way MySpace allows corporate entity profiles, Facebook does not – if creating a departmental profile, may prefer MySpace Connect to MySpaceMySpace

8 Text messaging Done on mobile phone Aka “SMS” (short message service) Used for quick, short communications Popular for its immediacy Can now be done computer to phone as well Mass mailing services becoming popular at institutions for emergencies

9 Blogs Short for “weblog” Basically an online diary Easy to create & maintain through a number of free services

10 Blogs and students You can use them to generate discussions on topics of interest Can be used to make announcements Students can leave comments on your posts Posts can be sent to the student – can be subscribed to via RSS reader Connect to Kellogg Library blogKellogg Library

11 Wikis Named based on “wikipedia” – online encyclopedia able to be edited by anyone Communal website on a particular topic Anyone can contribute Can create individual web pages, upload photos, documents Collaborative nature good for classes Connect to Kellogg Lunch-n-Learn wikiKellogg Lunch-n-Learn

12 Ning Online site for social networking More group focused than Facebook or MySpace Individual members join but profile very brief Join or create groups for information sharing

13 Ning and students Groups have discussion forum Able to upload multimedia Each member can create individual profile site linked to group Individual site has blog that can be shared on main group site, “chatter” (individual page discussion forum) Connect to NingNing

14 LinkedIn Social networking site mainly used for business contacts Can search for contacts at your institutions (past & present), add them to your profile Allows you to connect to contacts you may have in common with existing friends Can email, post resume, job search, refer contacts to others

15 How does this affect you? You can go to where the students are Ability to reach just about anyone, anytime, anywhere Generation Next and the Millennials have been characterized as group learners They expect active learning Learning can be fun!

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