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Abortion Part Two.

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1 Abortion Part Two

2 are some things that are more difficult to
However there are some things that are more difficult to agree on and these are

3 When exactly does life begin?

4 The soul is there. God has a purpose for the baby.
The Catholic feels this happens at the moment of fertilization when the sperm meets the egg. The soul is there. God has a purpose for the baby. No life is there just by chance.


6 There are others who maintain that life begins when a baby is actually born. But birth can come at any time. Can they really maintain that there is a difference between life outside the womb and life in the womb?



9 Is the mother’s life more sacred than that of the unborn child?
This becomes a choice between saving the mother’s or babies life in a threatening situation.

10 Is life always worth living?
If someone was going to be born with abnormalities and be disabled, then might it be worth performing an abortion.

11 Here a judgement is being made about the quality of life of the baby.
Some may feel the suffering involved might be too great.

12 Is a foetus a human life. Or is it just a collection of cells
Is a foetus a human life? Or is it just a collection of cells. Many feel the developing baby is not a life until it is born. “The legal time for an abortion is 24 weeks.”

13 Abortion is a difficult issue because very few can agree on the problems that arise.

14 There are those who feel that The rights of the child are just as important compared to those of the mother

15 Is it between me or My Mum?

16 God gave free will & this allows a person choice
Those Christians who support the idea of abortion say Jesus taught compassion and love. God gave free will & this allows a person choice

17 The Christians who oppose Abortion feel it is a irresponsible act it takes away a God given life. It is destroying a soul. Christians feel it is not up to us to decide who lives and who should die!

18 Many Christians feel abortion is not right because it is often used as a form of contraception.

19 Finally the debate lies with two sides who have different views they are:

20 Those who support abortion for the following reasons:
Only the woman has the right to choose. There is no such thing as 100% safe contraception so abortion is necessary. No one can agree on when life begins. So no one has the right to impose their views on others.

21 The foetus is just a potential human life.
Yet everyone will agree on the humanity of the mother. No one is any more qualified than anyone else to make a better decision. Every society has used abortion. Abortion should be safe, legal, and dignified. Abortion saves thousands from being unwanted. If a woman is raped, and becomes pregnant she will want an abortion.

22 It is more trauma for a woman to give up her baby for adoption than to have an abortion.
If abortion was made a crime many women would still risk their lives in back street abortion clinics.

23 The developing baby is not part of the mother but a separate life.
The case against abortion is as follows: The developing baby is not part of the mother but a separate life. The unborn child has the right not to be killed. Even handicapped people can live full lives. Abortion is discrimination against the weak. Abortion is denial of a human right to life.

24 Abortion can cause mental stress for the mother.
Killing is killing where ever it is done. People should also know the situations in which a legal abortion is allowed. If there is a risk to the life of the mother. If there are social reasons why she could not cope.

25 “Abortion is a difficult issue. It is about choice
“Abortion is a difficult issue. It is about choice. The discussion lies between the choice a woman has about whether to have an abortion or not.It also involves the rights the unborn foetus may or may not have.” Catholic Christians feel that to have an abortion is morally wrong. They take this strong view. Yet if the mother’s life is in danger they will allow an abortion.Other Churches are not as strict. They will allow the abortion if they feel that it may cause too much stress to the mother. Today many do not know how Jesus would have felt about abortion. The answer they feel would lie in his love for all . So in each case Christians would consider the compassion that is needed. Then they will be able to make a decision based on love.

26 A painting about abortion.


28 A very quick summary of the issue of ABORTION

29 The Roman Catholic Church says that all abortion is morally wrong
The Roman Catholic Church says that all abortion is morally wrong. It is murder. Other Church groups feel that each case should be considered on its own. Love and compassion should be exercised in all cases. “ An unwanted baby is just as bad as an abortion.” A moral dilemma whose choice? human rights? an unborn baby’s right to live. The mothers absolute choice “24 weeks should be 20” Two Doctors must decide. If the mother can’t cope All life is sacred There is the sanctity of life If the mother can’t afford it. If the mother’s life is in danger. If the baby would be disabled.

30 To pass the exam you will need to answer the question.
It is a small essay. It must be clear and make a point. Here are some examples you should discuss with each other why the essay is good. How does the person talk about abortion. You should then look at some exam questions with your teacher.

31 Discussion Why are the two extracts which follow A* answers? ( where they score a mark it is marked with a red *

32 This is an extract form an A. answer to Why is abortion a moral issue
This is an extract form an A* answer to Why is abortion a moral issue. This is only the start of the essay. Abortion is when a baby or foetus is terminated inside the mother's womb under her permission or consent.* The Abortion Act says that a woman can have an abortion if: two doctors agree that it's needed or necessary or if the baby is not capable of surviving. It will then be carried out in registered premises. * Also the doctor must consider the life, health and mental health of the mother, *whether an existing family would suffer if the pregnancy continues and if there's a reasonable chance that the child will be born handicapped or disabled. * There would be four marks here!!

33 In 1965 the latest termination date was set at 28 weeks
In 1965 the latest termination date was set at 28 weeks* but then in 1990 the termination date was reduced to 24 weeks. *Since then the number of abortions has steadily risen and some would say that abortion is treated as a form of contraception.* Many Christians are opposed to abortion. Two reasons that they give for this is are that Catholics would feel it is murder.* The second is that all life is sacred.* There would be 5 marks here!

34 An A* essay Abortion is the intentional killing of an unborn child in the womb. This issue generates a lot of deep emotions.* It is an issue about human rights, the most fundamental right of all - the right to life. * There are lots of angles from which we can look at this subject for example from the perspective of the church or a pro-choice point of view.* The church teaches that from the moment of conception a potential human being exists. It may be very tiny, only the size of a dot (.) but it is still a human being and deserves protection.* Pope Paul VI once stated, "Human life is sacred, all men must recognise that fact." Abortion, like murder, has been practised from earliest times and has been regarded as gravely wrong.**

35 Up to the twentieth century, those who caused abortions were always regarded as criminals. It is not strange that abortion has been looked on with horror in the past as the taking of innocent life.* Today people are more helpful. There are abortion clinics that women can go to.

36 However the problem is that no one can agree on abortion
However the problem is that no one can agree on abortion. This is because people cannot agree on when the life actually exists. * They debate when the foetus is a life. Is it the moment of the fertilisation. Is it when the heart starts beating. Is it when it is born. *We do not know. It is a question of opinion. The Churches say it is the moment of fertilisation. But deciding if the unborn child is a person is not the issue on its own. It is about whether it is right to perform an abortion. For example a lady wants an abortion but people feel it is wrong. * This is because she may not be able to afford it. Why does she not give it up for adoption. Why do women wait till the foetus is quite advanced and the termination can look like murder. All of these discussions go on. Then there is the issue of the rights of the child. *Does an unborn infant have any rights over or equal to the mother’s rights?*

37 DISCUSSION “Those who say they think they know what this topic is all about should study a baby.They should hold that baby in their arms. They should look at the fingers. They should see the detail. They should marvel at the wonder of its birth. If we treat this miracle as an inconvenience then they have misunderstood creation. What is your opinion?”

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