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Part One. The Christian Response To Life & Death Issues.

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1 Part One

2 The Christian Response To Life & Death Issues

3 DISCUSSION How do you react to this picture? The unborn baby can kick inside the mother.

4 Abortion. How do you feel about this topic? Do you think it is nothing to do with you? Or do you think it helps to know what you believe? How does someone make up their mind?

5 Read these womens stories and decide if you would allow them an abortion. Why did you decide as you did? Did you decide alone or as a group? ACTIVITY/ Discussion

6 Case no 1 This is Jane. Read what she says and decide if she would be able to have an abortion in the UK?

7 I want an abortion. I've thought about it. I made a mistake. I dont know how to look after a baby. I dont even like them. They are trouble I know that. Look I dont need a lecture. I just want to get on with my life. I am not stupid. I know its ending its life. I realise that. Please help me. I dont want the trouble of adoption. I should have taken more care. I should not be punished for a mistake. WE all can make a mistake. I have a job and I like going out. What would I do with a baby? Look I would not love it. You cant make me love it. Now suppose I had it and then I did not look after it properly. You could not live with that could you! I think women should be left alone to choose what they want ok. So please just this once let me have an abortion..

8 Case no 2 This is Linda. Read her story and decide if she would be allowed an abortion in the UK.

9 I was raped. It was horrid. I am a Christian. I dont know what I should do, do I? I am upset. I dont love this child. I realise it is innocent. But Im confused. I feel guilty. I could deal with the pain of an abortion. I could not cope if I thought the dead baby would say in my dreams why did you kill me. I wish it had not happened. I could not give it up. But then could I cope with a baby. I am 15 and I have to finish my schooling. Im depressed now. Cant imagine a baby to look after. Why is life so hard. I think I should ask someone to tell me what I should do. My friend says I should love it and all will be ok. I am not sure. Do I abort it and regret it all my life? Any way its not a real person. Yet as a Christian I should believe that it is. It is hard shall I abort it?

10 Case no 3

11 I need an abortion. I am tired. I am all alone. I already have a child. I am on state benefits. I cant afford it. I had my baby in care for a while. I hurt myself at this time. I need an abortion please.I dont know about God or Doctors.I just know that it is what I need. I live with little. I have no partner. I cant remember who the father is. My Church is against it but I do not need to tell anyone do I? Can you do it quickly so no one will ever need to know I was pregnant?I will pray for the baby if that will help.

12 Case no 4

13 I had no idea I could get pregnant. I had a lot of trouble with my first child. I found out I was going to have twins. I decided that I would keep one. I can afford one not two. Look I am not feeling guilty about this. It is purely practical. An abortion will allow one child to have a good life. I am sorry if that is simplistic. You dont have to do the looking after or the loving. Lets face it loving babies is not easy. Its easier to love puppies. I hate the people who think they know what is right. You cant tell a woman how to live her life.Can I just get rid of one. Then I can get on and look after the other!

14 You do need to know that some women cannot just get an abortion. Here is a story from Portugal.

15 2002 A Portuguese nurse who performed illegal abortions at her home has been sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison. At a mass trial in the northern town of Maria do Ceu Ribeiro, aged 46, was found guilty of practising abortion. The sentence came as part of a trial of 42 women accused of violating Portugal's anti-abortion laws. The prosecution, using Ribeiro's diary as evidence, said she had performed more than 100 illegal abortions. It called for a 12-year sentence. The court said in its verdict: "The court has taken into account that (Ribeiro) did it to help other women."

16 Abortion is a moral issue. What does that mean? Abortion is always a dilemma. What does that mean? Abortion is not a womans right What is your opinion? Thou shall not kill. This is a commandment. Therefore to abort is murder. Can you show that you have thought about others point of view?

17 Do I have the right to live even if my mother does not want me and I am allowed to die?

18 Abortion is one of the most emotional ethical issues of all time. Here we raise some of the Difficulties that we need to consider;

19 The Position of women Women suffered because of not being allowed abortion. Not every country has allowed abortion. Many women have died due to the back street abortionist. Abortion allows women a choice. However that has created a debate which now includes the rights of the child.

20 In this topic you will need to understand the idea of abortion. You will need to start with what a Christian believes.

21 First of all you will need to know that an abortion is the termination of the foetus. You must know that many people feel prejudiced before they start a discussion on abortion. Many feel it is wrong. We know that for years women have struggled with the issue. In this exam you must explain how different people feel about abortion. You cannot give a one sided argument.

22 Christians will believe that the following things are absolutely true

23 All Life is Sacred. All Life is God- given. All life deserves great respect. God has a plan for every human life. Life should not be destroyed. Human life is precious and valuable.

24 There is something called the sanctity of life. What do you think that is?

25 Here we see the foetus in the womb. Special yes. Is it created by God? Or is it by chance. Is it anything to do with God.


27 Emotional, moral, ethical, debatable,controversial, Opinions, spiritual, difficult.Choice. Human Rights. Murder, Termination, convenient, expulsion.Unwanted. Loved. Compassion/ Empathy.

28 This picture could have gone too far. I think it unlikely that an unborn baby can open its eyes in the womb. If it could then maybe we would have to reconsider abortion at 20 weeks. Why?

29 This drawing was made from an abortion hundreds of years ago. Have we learnt so much sine then. I expect not.

30 End of Abortion part One

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