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Abortion What has that got to do with me?

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1 Abortion What has that got to do with me?
Pro Life Pro Choice Everyone has heard of girls in Year 11 getting pregnant or of girls who have recently left school getting pregnant. Hopefully abortion will never be a factor you will need to consider. But it is an issue that affects some people and it is only right that you have some understanding of what it is and why some people have such strong feelings about it. Part of RE is looking at difficult issues, understanding the religious viewpoints and trying to think about our own beliefs and morality. What has that got to do with RE?

2 What is abortion? It is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy You may be more familiar with the term ‘termination’

3 What does the law say? The 1967 Abortion Act says an abortion can take place if TWO doctors agree: The mothers life is at risk There is risk of injury to the mother’s physical or mental health There is risk to another child There is a risk the baby may be born with a serious disability The 1990 Act says abortion cannot take place after 24 weeks of pregnancy unless the mother’s life is at risk

4 A father has no legal rights regarding abortion

5 Why is 24 weeks significant?
Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks (9 months) The earliest a baby has been born and survived is at 21 weeks. Babies born before 30 weeks have less chance of survival and may have serious health problems. Although every year the numbers of babies surviving are increasing significantly. Pregnancy and birth can be considered risky for a woman to do. BBC News

6 Is Abortion a new idea? Women have been having abortions for thousands of years. Before that people had to get dangerous ‘backstreet abortions’. Abortion was first made legal in the UK in In Ireland it is still illegal There are many who feel that the abortion laws need to be changed as medical technology means that babies can survive at younger ages

7 What actually happens in an Abortion?
Most abortions are done before 8 weeks. Early abortions are done by taking a pill that causes a miscarriage. Later abortions are done by vacuum (up to 15 weeks) or surgically (15-24 weeks) Abortion is only available after 24 weeks if the baby or mother is at risk of death or disability.

8 Why do people feel so strongly about Abortion?

9 Sort the cards into arguments for abortion and arguments against
Lets look at some of the arguments Sort the cards into arguments for abortion and arguments against

10 What do you think?

11 Catholic viewpoint What do different religions say?
‘Human life must be absolutely protected from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognised as having the rights of a person… Abortion and Infanticide are abominable crimes’ Catholic viewpoint

12 Church of England viewpoint
What do different religions say? The Church of England combines strong opposition to abortion with a recognition that there can be - strictly limited - conditions under which it may be morally preferable to any available alternative. Church of England viewpoint

13 What do different religions say?
‘Muslims regard abortion as wrong and it is forbidden, but many accept that it may be permitted in certain cases especially where the mother’s life may be at risk.’ Muslim viewpoint

14 What do different religions say?
‘Of course, abortion, from a Buddhist viewpoint, is an act of killing and is negative, generally speaking. But it depends on the circumstances. And every circumstance will be different.’ Buddhist viewpoint

15 What do different religions say?
‘Hinduism is generally opposed to abortion except where it is necessary to save the mother's life’ Hindu viewpoint

16 What do different religions say?
‘Judaism does not forbid abortion, but it does not permit abortion on demand. Abortion is only permitted for serious reasons. Judaism expects every case to be considered on its own merits and the decision to be taken after consultation with a rabbi competent to give advice on such matters. Strict Judaism permits abortion only in cases where continuing the pregnancy would put the mother's life in serious danger.’ Jewish viewpoint

17 What do different religions say?
‘Abortion is generally forbidden in Sikhism, as it interferes in the creative work of God - who created everything and is present in every being’ Sikh viewpoint

18 So what is important? The important thing is not whether you agree with abortion or disagree with abortion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What is important is that you make sure that you are never in a situation where abortion becomes a factor.

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