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1 Geography

2 Geography: the study of the natural features of the earth’s surface, including topography, climate, soil, vegetation, etc; and, human beings response to them.

Location Place Region Movement Human-Environmental Interaction

4 You Tube Video – Take notes on the Five Themes of Geography
Cut and paste into if you missed class.

5 Location: describes where something is.
Absolute Location: Latitude and Longitude Lines.

6 Location Continued… Relative Location: where a place is in relation to another place. Example: McDonalds is across the street from Chase Bank.

7 Place: describes the physical and human characteristics that make a location unique.
Examples: physical characteristic such as landforms, climate, and plants, or animal life. Also, language and way of life.

8 Regions: areas that share common characteristics.

9 Movement: how and why people move and are connected.

10 Human-Environment Interaction: describes the relationship between people and their environment.
Example: how humans alter, change, their environment.

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