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The 5 Themes of Geography

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1 The 5 Themes of Geography
Location Place Human-Environment Interaction Movement Regions

2 Location Absolute: Relative: Latitude and Longitude GPS system
Exact location on the globe: Hemispheres, Prime Meridian, Equator, North and South Poles Relative: Is the location close to other places? *Florida is south of Massachusetts *Cape Cod is on the East Coast

3 Place Every place has features that make it unique from all other places.
Physical Characteristics Landforms- mountains, plateaus, plains, mesa Vegetation- rain forest, desert plants, redwoods Climate- average and extreme weather Human Characteristics How many people live, work or visit a place. What are the languages, customs, and beliefs. Government, economy

4 Human Environment Interaction
How do people interact with their environment (building a dam, cutting down trees, home construction) How does the environment affect people (hurricanes, volcanoes, levees, drought, deer population)

5 Region The area of land with one or more common characteristics.
Regions can have the same language, religion, historical background, landforms, and many other criteria.

6 Movement Movement of people, products, information and earth
Plate tectonics and earthquakes are movement People moving from one place to another to live. Movement of information-technology.

7 How does the five themes relate to South Dakota.
What is the LOCATION? What makes this area unique? PLACE What is the common characteristic of the REGION and what impact does the REGION have on the surrounding area? What evidence is there of HUMAN/ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION? •How has MOVEMENT involved during and after? (People, communication, land)

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