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Five Themes of Geography

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1 Five Themes of Geography
Mrs. Wheeler

2 Geography: Bellringer
What is Geography? What do geographers study?

3 Where are things located?
What is Geography? The study of the Earth Where are things located? Why are they there?

4 What is Geography Gets its name from the ancient Greek word geographia, meaning “earth description.” Not just about land and water has a lot to do with people Five Themes of Geography

5 Place Place includes the physical and human characteristics of a location that make it different from others. Ex: climate, religion, language

6 Location Location is the exact spot on Earth where something is found. Location is determined by an imaginary grid of lines called latitude and longitude.

7 Human-Environment Interaction
Human- environment interaction describes the impact that people have on the land and water. Ex: Hoover Dam, The Rocky Mountains.

8 Movement Movement is how people and goods, ideas, information and resources interact. Ex: trade

9 Regions Region is an area that is unified by certain human, physical, cultural or economic characteristics. Geographers divide the world into regions in order to study it more easily. Ex: population, history, climate, landforms

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