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Brief update on Capital Ambition Capital Ambition has received third (final) year funding; Approx 12m available in last year of London improvement & efficiency.

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1 Brief update on Capital Ambition Capital Ambition has received third (final) year funding; Approx 12m available in last year of London improvement & efficiency programme Strategic governance and programme/project criteria have been reshaped/ reviewed, not least to ensure sustainable legacy Main focus is on delivering target of 635m cashable savings Key strand of 2010/11 programme is supporting deal for devolution, in form of developing capability for self regulation. While continued unknowns around national performance framework & LGA offer etc, London is in leading position……

2 Quarterly Service level Performance & Expenditure benchmarking Local Area Performance / VFM Practice based efficiency metrics London Efficiency Challenge Service level identification of statistical near neighbours Business process activity costing & volumetrics Proven leading practices (efficiency) How corporate effectiveness achieved Workforce data mart Process/ service blueprints repository of optimised processes & practice A developing London self regulation package Performance transparency aided by peer challenge, expert networks & engagement facilitated by common language (protocols & benchmark methodologies) Local Area Context Business process metrics Pan London workforce/skills/ other cost issues 2 Knowledge transfer aided by London Service Transformation Academy with prospectus for speedy dissemination, cost effective capacity building External spend (contracts/ agency staff/consultancy Capital Ambition has been investing in tools/systems for synthesising & transferring information

3 Source: Local Area Performance Solution Q1 2009 Apparent excellence Potential for improvement Average performer Quarterly refresh of intelligence – all London LAAs plus corporate performance indicators 3 LAPS is example of pan London information sharing system…. Recent introduction of quarterly performance reporting & VFM benchmarking across all London borough performance is increasingly able to detect early direction of travel trends across London. When linked to other developing pan- London capability, in particular a.) the London Efficiency Peer Challenge; b.) London wide CEX engagement c.) Service Transformation Academy d.) Londons expert networks the developing body of hard and soft intelligence is already proving a potentially powerful approach to the collective identification within the Sector of: - data quality/ intelligence issues/ need for deeper dives in priority service and high spend areas, -other VFM opportunities - potential best in class operational solutions.

4 Synthesis of London wide intelligence Peer-led collective problem solving & challenge ….preventative and proactive, expert- led VFM improvement catalysed & supported from within the Sector. Enhanced capacity for prototyping & redesign (new blueprints) Support to effective/rapid transfer of cost effective operational solutions London Efficiency (Peer) Challenge (LEC) Local Area Performance Solution (LAPS) Service Transformation Academy Leadership, expert & professional networks Summary proposition to new London Self Regulation Board

5 Using London intelligence Supporting capacity for change/redesign (blueprinting) Transferring cost effective solutions Part of Peer challenge London Efficiency Challenge peers LAPS external experts (academics etc) LAPS data quality group SLT & sub groups London CEX engagement meetings Regional Equalities group London Councils policy leads London Futures Board London Research & Consultation network London Policy Officers network London Equalities Officer Network Professional groups LEDNET/ ADASS Highways & transport London Authorities Performance Managers Network CELC London Service Transformation Directors Network (EPPM) London Councils Equalities Group London Leadership Network LAPS Borough Group IDEA accredited peers [previous CA peer scheme] IDEA accredited peers (equalities) London talent interchange Work to explore how to better marshal and support the available London experts…

6 6 Possible elements of developing pan-London performance management approach.... A few major emergencies that are likely to require a quick response. Common benchmarks/ blueprints Expert peer challenge & (networked) Support (interchange) Planned intervention on common issues Culture for mutual (peer) support during steady state monitoring is basis of an emergency response. Quarterly performance VFM benchmarking What does good look like –34 th borough (excellence model). CEX Engagement meetings; London Efficiency Challenge Service Transformation Academy Other expert peer interchange schemes. Background use of risk analysis, hard and soft intelligence to identify, validate and collectively solve pan London performance trends E.g. Safe guarding, worklessness. Reactive

7 New London self regulation board Meets for 1st time on 30 July, chaired by Gillian Norton (CEX Richmond); Board to be updated on national landscape -LGA Freedom to lead developments; emerging Local Government productivity programme/LGA offer; London leaders debate around cuts needed; CSR in October etc); Also the strong progress made on - pan London intelligence; - increased information sharing/peer engagement; - possible offer around marshalling the networks to solve problems and help develop blueprints; Board is likely to want a focus on sustainability of any systems (who is going to pay) and light touch and targeted to suit austere climate; May be opportunity for PON experts as part of self regulation/peer challenge & support?

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