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The Hero’s Journey.

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1 The Hero’s Journey

2 ordinary world / the world of common day – exposition and setting
Hero is living an ordinary life. Hero may be unaware of unusual circumstances surrounding his birth. Hero does not know his potential or calling.

3 2. the herald / call to adventure
Hero is given notice that everything in his life is going to change

4 3. refusal of the call / reluctant hero
Often when the call is given, the hero at first refuses to heed it. This may be from a sense of obligation or duty, fear, insecurity, a sense of inadequacy, or any range of reasons.

5 4. meeting the wise mentor
This occurs after the hero as committed to the quest.

6 crossing the threshold
the first step on the journey hero leaves his ordinary world separation from the familiar may happen before or after meeting the mentor

7 5. The journey continues with tests, allies, and enemies – rising action
(sometimes the hero fails one or more of these tests; tests often occur in threes) Allies and Enemies

8 approach the inmost cave (not a literal cave)
hero enters a dangerous place a low point hope is lost may follow a failure

9 revisiting the mentor Hero then returns, recommits, or continues on journey. Hero revisits the teachings of an old mentor or meets and learns from a new mentor.

10 new knowledge/power/skill
The hero uses this to complete his journey and accomplish his mission.

11 7. The supreme ordeal - climax
hero faces his greatest fear(s) defeats opponent hero may confront and defeat the enemy with the new power and/or knowledge gained

12 8. Reward – seizing the prize
Hero gains treasure, key, knowledge, or power. Hero may be given the prize, or he may steal it or retrieve it from unrightful owners.

13 9. the road back – falling action
The quest is completed. The hero is changed as a result of his experiences. The old self has died. Hero begins journey back to ordinary world. For example, Luke becomes a Jedi. Neo becomes the One.

14 10. the return / return with elixir
The hero returns to his ordinary world, but the hero has changed. Return may include hero’s restitution to rightful place. (reunited with real parents, restored to power, etc..) AND / OR Hero may return with talisman, elixir, magic potion, medicine, knowledge, etc. to save his people. Talisman may prove he has completed quest.

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