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Ms. Mitchell Freshman Literature Andover High School

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1 Ms. Mitchell Freshman Literature Andover High School
The Hero’s Journey Ms. Mitchell Freshman Literature Andover High School


3 What Is a Hero? DO NOW: Take three minutes and write down all the qualities of a hero that you can think of! (Be sure to include both physical and emotional qualities!!) Then, write down some specific heroes either from real life or from literature and film!

4 Types of Heroes Monster Slayer Glory Seeker Warrior Hero Founder
No fear of death Fights for fighting’s sake to gain honor Strict moral code Warrior Hero Fights for a dying culture Knows he is doomed and he fights anyway Founder Establishes a new city or peoples Metaphysical Hero On an inner quest Romantic Hero Rejects established norms and conventions Fights for his own ideals or morals, even if this is outside the law Thoughts vs. Actions Guilt, regret, isolation, self-critical

5 The Hero’s Journey One of the oldest types of narrative (story)
Identified by a man named Joseph Campbell The Hero’s Journey appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious rituals and stories, poems, films, etc. It follows the typical adventures of a hero who achieves great things for a group of people/his community/civilization/etc. Has 12 distinct stages

6 The 12 Stages The Ordinary World The Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call Meeting with the Mentor Crossing the Threshold Tests, Allies, and Enemies Approach The Ordeal The Reward The Road Back The Resurrection Return with the Elixir


8 The Ordinary World Hero begins his story as uneasy, uncomfortable, unaware of his hero-status He is introduced to the reader sympathetically so the reader feels badly for him. The hero’s background and personal history are revealed to the reader. Something in the hero’s personal life is causing stress or strife and pulling him in different directions.

9 The Call to Adventure Something disrupts or shakes up the status quo of the hero’s life—this might be something external or internal. ??? What do I mean by external or internal ??? The hero must face the beginnings of change.

10 Refusal of the Call The hero fears his call to adventure or the pending change and tries to turn away or refuse the call. This may be extended or brief in nature. Alternatively, another character other than the hero may express these feelings

11 Meeting with the Mentor
Hero comes across a wise/ knowing figure who gives him the training , knowledge, equipment, directions, or advice the hero needs to complete the journey Sometimes the hero reaches this stage on his own. ??? Who are some famous mentors from film and literature that you can think of ??? A wise or trusted counsel or teacher


13 Crossing the Threshold
The period marks the end of “Act One” so to speak Hero commits to leaving the Ordinary World in exchange for the Special World. This moment marks the hero accepting his role as hero and becoming ready to meet the challenges ahead. Once the hero leaves the Ordinary World he is confronted with unfamiliar values, rules, or maybe even creatures.

14 Test, Allies, and Enemies
Hero is tested in the Special World He figures out the difference between his allies and his enemies. ALLIES ??? Who are some allies from literature and film that you can remember ??? friends or trusted advisers who support the hero in his quest


16 Approach The hero and his new allies prepare physically, mentally, and/or emotionally for whatever major challenge they are destined to face in the Special World.

17 The Ordeal Middle of the story
Within the Special World the hero enters a place where he must meet his challenge. He may confront death or his greatest fear. If death is faced, rebirth/new life will result

18 The Reward Hero takes possession of the treasure won by facing the challenge. The treasure is often a physical object but it may also be knowledge or an answer. There may be celebration—but there is also the danger that the treasure will be lost again.

19 The Road Back Three-Fourths of the way through the story
Hero must finish the journey and complete the adventure He must leave the Special World to bring the treasure back to the Ordinary World A chase scene may be present to signify the urgency and danger the hero faces

20 The Resurrection The climax or most exciting point in the story.
The hero is close to home and is severely tested one last time. He is purified by this last test/sacrifice on the highest or most complete level His actions allow all previous conflicts to be resolved once and for all Rising again, as if from the dead; a revival

21 Return with the Elixir Hero returns home (or sometimes continues his journey) Brings with him the treasure/ elixir/prize/knowledge he was seeking With this elixir he has the power to change the world/his community/people the same way he was changed A drink or liquid thought to cure everything or be capable of prolonging life

22 Sources Google Images—exact citations available upon request
Vogler, Christopher. "Hero's Journey." Hero's Journey. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Aug <

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