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1 Baby P – Lessons for Heads of HR Steve Davies Head of HR Haringey Council

2 Scope Chronology Issues during media scrutiny Lessons Outline

3 Confidentiality Relates to specific issues not the whole Childrens picture Lessons learned relate to HR issues arising out of the intense media scrutiny Lessons do not provide an answer for Social worker recruitment problems. Scope

4 2007 – August Baby P dies & Serious Case Review initiated Sept 2008 – Staff briefing and Old Bailey trial starts Early November 2008 - Serious case review report produced 5 November 08 – Mgr briefings to pass onto staff Tue 11 Nov 08 – Trial ends – Boyfriend and lodger found guilty of causing or allowing death of Baby P. Wed 12 Nov 08 – Wide press coverage and Brown & Cameron clash in House of Commons. Thu 13 Nov 08 – Childrens secretary, Ed Balls, orders independent enquiry and John Coughlan, DCC Hampshire CC to work with Haringey. The Sun start campaign for sackings. Sat 15 Nov 08 – First pictures of Baby P appear in newspapers Chronology - 1/3

5 Baby P – Press headlines

6 Mon 17 Nov 08 – Ofsted inspection starts Tue 18 Nov 08 – Baby P dossier, outlining many contacts with health and social workers, is released. Wed 26 Nov 08 – The Sun delivers its petition demanding justice to Downing Street. Want Shoesmith and others sacked. Fri 28 Nov 08 – Ofsted inspection ends. JAR report produced – council rated inadequate in a number of areas – 1 star rating. Mon 1 Dec 08 – Following Ofsted report Ed Balls orders removal of Sharon Shoesmith, interim appointment of John Coughlan. Other Senior managers suspended. Council Leader and Cabinet Member resign. Chronology - 2/3

7 Mon 8 Dec 08 – Sharon Shoesmith dismissed. Fri 12 Dec 08 – New Director Childrens Services, Peter Lewis, announced by Govt. GSCC suspend 2 social workers. Mid Dec 08 – Joint staff meetings with partners to explore safeguarding issues and improvements. 1 Jan 2009 – New Director, Peter Lewis starts 27 Feb 2009 – JAR response - Action plan for Safeguarding April 2009 – 4 more staff dismissed Chronology - 3/3

8 Media preparation of key people Staff/ Manager briefings Public duty – confidentiality of reporting Staff handling public hostility Support for staff Constant enquiries from press and others Government led intervention Member and officer relations Issues arising during media storm

9 Media preparation Media savvy and speed of response Members chose own media advisors Ride with it, dont fight it Care and support for staff Risk management Lessons learned - 1

10 Strategy meetings re individual staff cases – H&S risk, Welfare/ care issues, Employment considerations, Communications/ press considerations Member/ officer relations improved Safeguarding profile raised Social work forum – Regular meeting Director with SWs Inspections – HR information requirements Lessons learned - 2

11 New Director Seconded/ Short term management staff New Leader of Council and new Cabinet Member Goodwill, energy and support of staff JAR action plan produced Quality outcomes board Improved partnership working – common goals & values Moving on

12 Thank you for listening

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