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The Pilgrims’ Way School Response to Ofsted Inspection January 2011.

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1 The Pilgrims’ Way School Response to Ofsted Inspection January 2011

2 The Pilgrims’ Way Primary School Striving to achieve well-balanced, respectful, successful and happy young learners

3 People here tonight All teaching staff and Senior Leaders The Governing Body Representatives from Surrey County Council Educational Consultants from Surrey

4 Agenda Background/context Explanation of the report The School’s action plan What happens next Things you can do to help Q and A

5 Background/Context School suffered from lack of leadership due to ill health from key post holders and many changes of staff in last 18 months Ofsted framework for inspections changed in 2009: became more rigorous and interconnected e.g. ‘attendance’ grading will affect gradings in other areas e.g. ‘economic wellbeing’ Will be changing again later this year: new government will increase the focus on attainment and behaviour

6 Explanation 5 sections of the report: Outcomes (achievement, safety, behaviour, healthy, community, workplace skills, spiritual and moral) Provision (teaching, curriculum, care/guidance and support) Leadership (effectiveness, governors, parents, learning, equal opps, safeguarding, community, resources) Early Years – a growing strength

7 School’s action plan No surprises – all areas had already been identified by the Head Teacher, County and Governors School has been working on its Single Improvement Plan since November 2009 with last year’s interim Head Teacher

8 Single Plan 1. Raise attainment and progress Teachers’ assessment data collected ½ termly Progress analysed by Senior Leaders Termly meetings with class teachers and Head Teacher focussing on progress of children

9 Single Plan 1. Raise attainment and progress Sharing targets with children and parents Summer 2011/12 targets for Year 6 (set when children begin Year 5):

10 KS2 Published targets for next two years: Year 6 20112012 Level 4+ Literacy76%84% Maths86%96% Level 5+ Literacy5%22% Maths19%39%

11 Single Plan 1. Raise attainment and progress Current extensive one to one teaching Year 3 -Year 6

12 Single Plan 2. Improve Teaching for Learning All teachers underperformed on the Inspection day Ongoing development of teachers’ practice and professionalism: quality training, time to implement new practice Support from Local Education Authority: advisors in Literacy and Numeracy working alongside teachers in the classroom Involvement of children: timing of routines e.g. getting books out, getting settled

13 Single Plan 3. Improve leadership Leadership team – training and support from other leadership teams in other schools Subject leaders – ongoing training and time to develop Governors – training and support from an Advanced Skills Governor from County

14 Plus: Attitudes to learning: Improving Teaching and Learning will improve attitudes Children able to talk about their learning, rather than what they are doing Teaching children to work independently Children and families also need to take responsibility for attitudes Attendance: New attendance policy: regular information about attendance, Home/School Link Worker, involvement of Education Welfare Officer, late gates

15 What happens next? Termly inspections by HMI with 2 days notice When HMI decide that the school is ready there will be another Ofsted Target for this to happen is before Summer 2012 Then we will be inspected under a new Ofsted framework

16 What will it mean for my child at Pilgrims’ Way All aspects of school life will be closely scrutinised continuously by leaders, County and HMI, with resources and drive to improve Lessons will be more engaging and involving Higher expectations of achievement Children to be able to talk about how they could improve their work/learning

17 Things you can do to help Attendance Reading and homework Support with attitudes to learning Believe in the vision of the school: Support the school in the wider community Celebrate our successes with us – we will share HMI termly updates on the school’s progress with you

18 Questions and Answers Thank you for coming Any questions that come to you later – don’t hesitate to contact us Click to go back to the website

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