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London Councils RPA Learning Visit The lessons so far: New models and approaches to delivering IAG in schools and academies Debra Norton.

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1 London Councils RPA Learning Visit The lessons so far: New models and approaches to delivering IAG in schools and academies Debra Norton

2 IAG at the heart of RPA Strong tracking of at risk 14-19 year olds Tutor / IAG staff training model progressed the role of the Participation Adviser enabling partners and stakeholders, including young people themselves and their parents, carers and families, to work together to improve the quality of support, care and learning for young people as we move towards full participation developed a pre-16 Vulnerability matrix and model for identifying young people at risk of not progressing in EET at 16 that works with the RAG rating systems developed in Phase 1. Phase 3 is focused on helping schools and local authorities to prepare for new duties in relation to securing impartial IAG and developing new targeted post 16 support services in the new Government policy context.

3 Support, enable and encourage participation….. …Information and advice still firmly a LA responsibility…. Apply Barnsley Area Prospectus Common Application process IKIC and U-xplore Ambition Barnsley LMI and economic regeneration

4 The act in a nutshell The Education Act 2011 inserts a new duty, section 42A, into Part VII of the Education Act 1997, requiring schools to secure access to independent careers guidance for pupils in years 9-11. (Duty applied to academies through funding agreement with DfE). Intention to consult to extend the duty. Guidance must be presented in an impartial manner and promote the best interests of the pupils to whom it is given. Guidance should also include information on options available in respect of 16-18 education or training, including apprenticeships. The requirement for schools to provide a programme of careers education is repealed. (The removal of this provision does not imply that careers education is unimportant.) LA duty to focus on September Guarantee, tracking and monitoring and support for vulnerable young people

5 All about interpretation… "The new statutory guidance to schools on Section 29 of the Education Act 2011 will underline the new legal duty on schools to secure independent and impartial careers advice and guidance. It will not be sufficient for schools to employ their own careers professional, good though they may be, and then rely on signposting to a website, excellent as that may be. Young people benefit from face-to-face careers guidance. As Lord Hill said in the House of Lords during the passage of the Education Bill, 'Pupils can benefit enormously from support offered in person that raises their aspirations and leads them onto a successful path."

6 …less about statutory guidance schools should secure access to independent face to face guidance where it is the most suitable support for young people schools can commission independent careers guidance… as they see fit… ….it can be provided by qualified careers professional Schools should consider a wider range of careers activities LAs will be required to assist the most vulnerable young people and those at risk of disengaging with education or work

7 The role of the LA…emerging models of careers guidance provision The LA continues to offer a service on a subsidised or traded services basis (or a combination of both) Learning providers, schools and academies work together to commission IAG services. Where satisfaction is high, existing provider. Alternatively, a full commissioning process undertaken and the current provider is considered alongside others in a competitive tendering process. Individual schools employ their own adviser or develop internal capacity with links to external and impartial services and agencies. The LA, through its commissioning processes, supports the market exploration through providing a list of approved suppliers who meet agreed quality criteria The LA supports schools and academies to explore the free market in independent and impartial IAG.

8 The Barnsley Experiment….. 3 mainstream schools: The Dearne: External, Independent?, new provider Kirk Balk: External, Independent, existing provider Priory: External, Independent, existing PA 2 special schools (inc PRU): Greenacre: External, Independent?, supported employment Springwell: Internal capacity building All other schools: CPD Development of specifications Additional funding

9 LA support….. Less about commissioning (tell them to get help!), more about analysing need Whole school approach to developing IAG specification…how does it fit with school plans and ethos…links to school improvement? Thinking differently about what constitutes high quality, independent and impartial IAG Developing internal (school/colleges) and external (partnership) capacity IAG duty becomes an opportunity not an additional burden…..

10 What have we learned?...LA Money is not the question or the answer Schools are on a steep learning curve when it comes to commissioning The marketplace for IAG is not developed…yet The divide between targeted and universal is not helpful Big leap of faith requires a (Partnership) safety net Impact??? Drive and enthusiasm to embrace change within school setting vital

11 Where next for the LA? Building blocks: CEIAG programme quality assured against quality award External specialist advice secured from provider with accepted industry standard (matrix) Advisers competent to professional standards Support and challenge through whatever means…school improvement, RPA Partnerships, champions of young people

12 Partnership solutions? …..share the responsibility and grasp the opportunity……….

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