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MasterMap David Medyckyj-Scott Emma Sutton Tim Urwin.

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1 MasterMap David Medyckyj-Scott Emma Sutton Tim Urwin

2 Aims for the workshop To remind you about OS MasterMap To begin to raise awareness (again) To seek your input –Are original requirements still valid? –Have new requirements appeared? –Is the timetable sensible? –What sort of support is required? *for users *for support staff To identify any other issues

3 OS MasterMap – a Framework Digital Terrain Model Imagery Topographic themes Land Use Transport Network (ITN) Admin Boundary Points of Interest Pre-Build

4 OS MasterMap A seamless database reflecting the real world, with polygons representing man-made and natural features –topographic data have been restructured into a seamless database of 416+ million objects *fundamentally different to tile-based Land-Line data* Delivered in new format, Geography Markup Language (GML) Delivered in new ways –by theme –by user defined area –Change only Update (CoU)

5 OS MasterMap - Topography

6 TOIDs – Unique reference IDs A unique identifier for each object –Allowing individual feature identification With a defined lifecycle and version number

7 Feature supply – not tile supply! Builds on object oriented model Full extent of data crossing the area of interest is supplied Results in the supply of hairy data Chunk Bounding Box Chunk Extent

8 Integrated Transport Network ITN links reference the Topography Layer TOID4000001298764523 Version1 Change Date310303 Descriptive GroupRoad Topology Descriptive TermLocal Street Nature of RoadSingle Carriageway Length42 Start Node4000004756364758 End Node4000009857364528 Reference to Topo1000000139421883, 1000000139417597

9 OS MasterMap - benefits Access to modern data Consistent, national framework for referencing geographic information allowing data to be linked more easily –Topographic Identifiers (TOIDs) –data which can be exchanged and shared Pre built polygons improves quality and means better cartography Richer attribution, for more versatile classification of features, more intelligent data and better analysis Greater control over supply e.g. themes and COU New possibilities in terms of both end use and types of services that can be offered

10 The service

11 Mapping Digimap Carto and Classic will be modified to serve MasterMap instead of Land-Line Users must have the ability to –view cartographic quality maps produced using the MasterMap topographic data. –select particular themes of interest and feature type to view in the map –generate and download a cartographic quality map for printing. Formats offered will be GIF, EPS and PDF. –produce a map combining themes and layers from MasterMap Topographic with other OS mapping products –And maybe select a feature on the map and request attribute information, such as its area or when it was last updated Q. What should we do with ITN? Q. Is there a need for maps with Land-Line style cartography?

12 Data supply Must All data delivery is online User defines areas of interest either interactively on-screen or using a selected predefined administrative boundary Large requests are split into manageable "chunks" All GML provided must be virtually identical to that which would be supplied by OS Could Option to download data in formats other than GML i.e. shape, mif/mid, DXF Option to take complete re-supply Access to historic data Should Option to select one or more themes of data for an area of interest Option to request changes only once initial supply has been taken Large requests processed overnight Requests can be bookmarked to run again at a later date

13 Support User requirements – have we got them right? Best delivery method for support? –e.g. web and paper documentation Training required for… –site reps –users (this is NEW for EDINA) Guidance for institutions? –responsibilities –software and data management issues Awareness raising will be important –importance of local support, local experts

14 Timetable Jan 2006 – Project Kick off –Re-engagement with user community commences to affirm user requirements. Autumn 2006 - alpha version available for expert user testing Early 2007 - beta version available to a wider group (early adopters) August 2007 - full release July 2007 – Land-Line withdrawn

15 How you can be involved… be part of a focus group to verify user requirements be an expert user early adopter be an early adopter institution provide feedback on current use of MasterMap –we know OS have provided OSMM for project work… participate in online discussion forum

16 Issues and implications Initial supply online… No more real time data delivery for large requests

17 Any other points you want to make?

18 Thank you

19 User consultation and findings in 2002 Star gazing exercise Questionnaire survey –Predicted use: Research 86%, Teaching 49% –Update frequency: 40% annual, 38% twice yearly, 15% more frequently –54% want access to change only updates –strong desire for formats other than GML –60% felt users would need MM use training –50% felt users would need MM data management training and 40% support in data management

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