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28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements e-MapScholar: Needs and requirements Ross Purves.

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1 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements e-MapScholar: Needs and requirements Ross Purves

2 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Outline Exploring the roots of e-MapScholar (Digimap) Looking at why there might be a need for e-MapScholar Examining some of the requirements for e-MapScholar (in terms of pedagogy, design and technologies) This talk provides a background to the materials which follow…

3 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Some background - Digimap Digimap is a web-based mapping service, offering access to Ordnance Survey digital map data National service, serving HE institutions Digimap offers an easy-to-use, map-based interface, allowing: –creation of maps on-screen –printing of high quality maps –downloading of digital map data for use in users own GIS or graphics package –advanced cartographic services e.g. combining of datasets, changing scale

4 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Web mapping and data available through Digimap Land-Line.Plus ® 1:10,000 - 1:1,250 Land-Form PANORAMA 1:50,000 contours and DTM Strategi ® 1:250,000 Meridian 1:50,000 1:50,000 Colour Raster 1: 50,000 Place-names Gazetteer - 250,000 place-names

5 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Use and users of Digimap Lots of undergraduates use Digimap Diverse range of subject backgrounds Most users have little or no background in spatial data Use of Digimap reflects use of spatial data in society…

6 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements The need for e-MapScholar Interdisciplinary use of service indicates wide demand for use of spatial data More advanced tasks (i.e beyond use of simple cartographic representations generated online) are possible These tasks require a greater understanding of the nature of the data (concepts) and some specific skills e-MapScholar aims to try to bridge this gap through…

7 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Bridging the gap… Providing case studies to illustrate possibilities to lecturers Developing a range of customisable modularised learning materials that develop skills and concepts in the use of digital map data Providing a virtual placement to illustrate the use of digital map data real world problem solving

8 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Customisable learning materials Focus in this talk on requirements for customisable learning materials… Firstly, why use e-learning? Then look at requirements from 3 areas: –Pedagogic –Interface/ use requirements –Technical

9 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Why e-learning? If we are going to provide something online, the materials must in someway be enhanced by this approach In the case of e-MapScholar, this enhancement is provided through: –The provision of interactive tools to students to illustrate key concepts and perform some basic analytical tasks –The facility for lecturers to customise materials through provision of discipline and place specific examples

10 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Delivering e-MapScholar Two key elements form the main part of e-MapScholar –interactive modularised learning materials –customisation of those materials by lecturers Here we examine some of the requirements for these elements…

11 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Some pedagogic requirements Materials should: –be engaging and interactive; –substantially stand alone – teaching staff may not be familiar with concepts; –be modular and provide clear learning objectives; –provide formative assessment through reflective and interactive questioning; and –facilitate discipline and place specific customisation to enhance learning quality.

12 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Interface requirements Interface design can be considered at the level of: –the student using materials to learn; and –the lecturer seeking to use (and customise materials) for teaching. Key concepts in interface design are: –functionality: are all the required elements functional? –usability: is the interface easy to use? –visualisation: does it look good? –accessibility: are everyones needs addressed?

13 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Technical requirements e-MapScholar must work: –over the web download times; multiple usage; multiple browsers. –on public area machines minimal configuration (use standard features, minimise plug-ins); no sound; –maintain obligations with Ordnance Survey on data provision and logging authentication needs must be met; data security considered;

14 28 March 2003e-MapScholar: Requirements Summary e-MapScholar is based around a need for customisable learning materials for spatial data Project requirements are derived from –pedagogy –interface design –technical requirements These combine to form a core set of requirements for the project…

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