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CARTOGRAPHY in the 21 st century Mike Shand Department of Geography and Geomatics.

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1 CARTOGRAPHY in the 21 st century Mike Shand Department of Geography and Geomatics

2 Abstract CARTOGRAPHY in the 21 st Century Cartography has seen dramatic technological changes in the past 15 years as the mapping sciences have finally moved into a fully digital environment. The availability of raster and vector spatial digital data, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and compatible mapping/graphics software has fundamentally changed how cartographers and mapping scientists approach the map production and analysis processes required for the 21 st century. More importantly many academics, students and researchers increasingly rely on the support and skill base of the modern cartographer or GIS technician to access, utilise and keep up-to-date with this dynamically changing technology. Mike Shand University of Glasgow

3 Role Change for Cartographers Pre-digital role Maps and graphics to final hard copy (paper or film) Post-digital role Maps and graphics to final hard copy Map production in digital file formats for publishers File conversion and creation of GIS map data for research & teaching Production of web mapping and graphics for Internet publication Digital manipulation of raster spatial imagery Map skills transfer to academics and students Desk Top Publishing for departmental publicity and publications +

4 PAPER MAPSPAPER MAPS flat, folded, atlas sheets DIGITAL MAPSDIGITAL MAPS graphics & GIS software WEB MAPSWEB MAPS static, interactive, animated Map Media Options (raster or vector) DIGITAL MAPPING IS TODAYS PREFERRED OPTION for map data, production and visualisation

5 UK Academic Map Data Services University of Edinburgh University of Manchester University of EssexUniversity of DurhamKings College London Office for National Statistics

6 Ordnance Survey & Digimap Bartholomew UK Digital Map Data Landmap (DEM; Landsat; SPOT) CASWEB (SAS/LBS census data) SABE (NUTS 1,2,3) Europe Map Data CORINE (Land Use) European Environment Agency Data Service Global Land Cover Facility ASTER, MODIS Satellite Imagery DOTS, BOPS, GFS, MEI economic statistics UNEP (GRID) international data National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Map Data Sets


8 UK Map Data

9 Ordnance Survey

10 EDINA Digimap


12 DIGIMAP & ORDNANCE SURVEY vector products/formats Master Map NTFLand-line Plus (1:1250 / 1:2500 / 1:10,000, NTF) NTFDXFLand-Form PANORAMA Contour (1:50,000, NTF or DXF) NTFDXFLand-Form PANORAMA DTM (1:50,000, NTF or DXF) NTFDXFMeridian (1:50,000, NTF or DXF) NTFDXFStrategi (1:250,000, NTF or DXF) DXFNTF DXF layer based - NTF code based DXFNTF DXF creates larger file sizes than NTF

13 Tools for translating or use NTFArcViewMapInfoNTF - GIS translators (ESRI ArcView, MapInfo) NTFDXFNTF - AutoCAD > DXF/DWG DXFDXF - CAD or GIS (ESRI ArcView, MapInfo) DXF Illustrator FreehandDXF, EPS, GIS > Adobe Illustrator, >Macromedia Freehand DXFCorelDrawDXF EPS, > CorelDraw GIF > Paint packages (CorelPaint, PhotoShop) User experience needed for data collecting and disseminating data collecting and disseminating

14 GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Software Product ESRI – ArcGIS; ArcView MapInfo Professional AutoDesk AutoCAD also MicroStation; LaserScan; SmallWorld File Format shp; e00 mid/mif; tab dxf; dwg

15 EPS, DXF or GIS formats (with MaPublisher) into Adobe ILLUSTRATOR or Macromedia FREEHAND

16 DXF into CorelDraw

17 DXF into AutoCAD

18 MAP DATA SOFTWARE PROBLEMS AVAILABLE raster & vector AVAILABLE GIS & graphics Data import & export Data translation Data structures & topology Data manipulation LACK of TRAINING and EXPERIENCE ? Reasons for problems ?

19 Do cartographers have the skills to support academics and students ? If yes, are cartographers continuing to keep up-to-date with technology ? If not, what role does HODs play in the CPD needs of support staff ? - and what structures and courses exist to supply CPD needs of staff ? SUMMARY

20 CARTOGRAPHY in the 21 st century Mike Shand Department of Geography and Geomatics

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