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Operations 1 471.23 Fall 2015 Bruce Duggan Providence University College.

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1 Operations 1 471.23 Fall 2015 Bruce Duggan Providence University College

2 Syllabus Description An introduction to the management of processes that convert firms’ inputs (labor, material, equipment) into outputs (goods and services) for internal and external markets. Topics covered include project planning and management, as well as techniques for the design, control, and improvement of processes, including just-in-time systems, lean manufacturing, and ISO standards. (Prerequisites: 472.21 and 473.24 or by permission of instructor)

3 Syllabus Objectives …to help you: o understand the problems and complexities faced by supply chain and operations managers o understand how the successes (and failures) of the firms they work with is tied to the successes (and failures) of their operations, logistics, and supply chain o better integrate the work they do with those who work in operations o provide useful, professional management of people they supervise who work in operations

4 Syllabus Textbooks Required o Jacobs….Operations & Supply Chain Management: The Core. 2 nd Canadian ed.  +and+supply+chain+management:+the+core+with+connect+access+card/ +and+supply+chain+management:+the+core+with+connect+access+card/  Either the digital or the print version are acceptable. Optional o Roger…Operations Management in the Supply Chain: Decisions and Cases. 6th ed.  +management+in+the+supply+chain:+decisions+and+cases/ +management+in+the+supply+chain:+decisions+and+cases/

5 Syllabus Requirements 1. Preparation o All assigned readings must be completed prior to class.

6 Syllabus Requirements 3. Cases o Students should be prepared to enter into case discussions at every class. Approximately 1-2 hours of preparation will be required for each in-class discussion of a case. Students will not be required to present written material for these cases. o As well, [you] will formally analyse and present two cases during the semester. 4. Project

7 Syllabus Requirements 5. Quizzes o 4 quizzes o The questions will not be designed to catch you on details. If you study and understand the core concepts of the chapter, you will pass the quiz. Each quiz consists of multiple choice and/or short answer questions. o 1 st quiz is this coming Tuesday  chapters 1 & 2

8 Syllabus Requirements 6. Problems o 7 sets o Problems are not group work. You are welcome to work on practice problems with others, but you are required to do the assigned problems on your own. o Problems are due by email 24 hours after the end of the class where they are listed as due. o The problems must be completed and submitted in a format suitable for inclusion in an Operations Department report, usually using Excel software.

9 Syllabus Requirements 7. Final Exam o worth 15% of mark.

10 Syllabus Course Policies 3. Plagiarism

11 Syllabus Course Policies 5. Missed Mid-Term Exams & Quizzes o …Students who miss a mid-term exam or quiz are responsible to contact me by email within one day of the exam or quiz date if they still wish to write the exam or quiz. Permission to do so will be given to only those students who have reasonable grounds, acceptable to me, for having missed the exam or quiz. The format of the exam or quiz will be at my discretion….

12 Syllabus Course Schedule


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