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CIS150AB: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals Instructor: Gary R. Smith, MS.

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1 CIS150AB: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals Instructor: Gary R. Smith, MS

2 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB2 About the Instructor  Information systems professional for over 30 years.  Education AAS in Data Processing (1976) BS in Computer Information Systems (1991) MS in Management Information Systems (1997) PhD in Information Systems (ABD)

3 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB3 About the Instructor  Professional Expertise Design and development of a variety of systems including:  Hospital Information Systems  General Ledger Accounting Systems  Accounts Payable Accounting Systems  Patient Billing and Accounts Receivable Systems  Medical Records Management Systems  Fixed Asset Accounting Systems  Inventory / Purchasing Systems  Payroll Systems  Credit Union Systems

4 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB4 Homework  You will have weekly chapter assignments. These assignments consist of review questions, programs, and a quiz.  Assignments are due on the date indicated. No assignment will be accepted after the due date.  All work will be submitted in our Learning Management System (Canvas) using the assignments submission buttons or as an assessment (test).

5 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB5 Quizzes  Weekly quizzes will be given covering each chapter.  Lowest quiz grade will be dropped.  Questions consist of true/false questions.  No make-up quizzes will be given.

6 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB6 Tests  2 Tests (midterm and final) consisting of approximately 10 multiple choice questions per chapter.  Two questions per test will be thrown out.  Tests will only cover the chapters indicated in the Calendar/Assignment Summary document.  You must notify me in advance if you will miss a test. Otherwise, you will receive a zero for the test.

7 Programming Project  Student will complete a programming project that represents a real world problem. The project will use all of concepts learned in the course.  We will be discussing the project as the semester progresses. Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB7

8 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB8 Virtual Classes  I will hold virtual classes each week for all online courses.  The schedule of virtual classes will be published the first week of class.  Virtual classes are optional, but I highly recommend you attend. We will be discussing the programming project as well as other topics.

9 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB9 Workload  As a rule, college classes require 1 – 3 hours of outside study for each class credit hour. This means this class will require 3 – 9 hours of outside work. Please remember this is only an estimate and your results will vary.  Because of the nature of software development, I would recommend you budget on the high side of this estimate.

10 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB10 Authorship  I encourage you to work with other students regarding course concepts. However, I expect all work submitted by you to be your own work.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in failure of the assignment for all concerned and withdrawal from the course with a grade of “Y” (withdraw failing).

11 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB11 Assignment / Program Submission  All assignments will be submitted in Canvas.  MS Word (preferred), RTF, or plain text for programming assignments are all acceptable.  Programs consisting of multiple files should be sent in a WinZip file.

12 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB12 Students with Disabilities  Students with disabilities who believe that they may require special accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact: Disability Resource Center KSC-Building First Floor Phone: 602-787-7171  See: for more information.  It is NOT the institutions responsibility to provide accommodations to students who are not registered with the Disability Resource Center.

13 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB13 Course Web Site  All materials for this class are located in Canvas.  My URL is:

14 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB14 Grade Posting  Grades will be posted in Canvas.

15 Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB15 Contact Information  E-mail:  IM (Instant Message) Skype: gary.smithaz Phone: Work (602) 787-6701 Home (480) 218-4434 Cell (602) 339-6691 (Best Way)  Please do not call my home or cell phone between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

16 Any Questions?  Please Ask!  If there are concepts you don’t understand, please contact me. Other than grades, I won’t know you need help unless you tell me. Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsCIS150AB16

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