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Counting resource use: The publisher view

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1 Counting resource use: The publisher view
Introduce myself, my role at NPG – working with librarians, site license portfolio, value of money. Suzanne Kidd Johnson Senior Marketing Manager Nature Publishing Group

2 Summary Usage statistic reports for What a publisher is counting Defining ‘good usage’ Building awareness and usage What’s next? Feedback

3 Usage statistic reports for
NPG has supported COUNTER since inception MPS Insight – February 2009 (January data) COUNTER Release 3 SUSHI compatible Reports accessible from customer’s site license administration account Consortia reports Monthly to customers (the administrator) …and to NPG staff Also Palgrave Macmillan Journals background

4 What a publisher is counting
Web statistics are important across the business: Editors – key articles, press coverage, impact Web designers – site accessibility and testing designs Web developers – search engine optimisation, functionality, feature tools and services Advertising – impressions served, key audience info Marketing – how/why/where users enter and exit Customer Services – loss of service or abuse IT – service levels and problems, time per page upload Business development – type of article, new trends Publishers and senior managers Info about online revenue v. print.

5 Counting use for institutional customers
Site license/ institutional customer team tracks: Non-activated accounts Activated accounts with zero usage Accounts with too much usage! Meeting service-level agreements Low usage of licensed journals High usage of unlicensed journals ‘Turn-away’ reports Trials High usage - ‘super users’ Calendar cycles Pay-per-view pricing models

6 Defining ‘good usage’ Which factor(s) defines ‘good’ (or ’bad’) levels of usage? Cost per download: price/usage Subject area Journal type Subscription type or access model Age of content Impact factor Genuine usage v. end-of-term rush Who the users are Where the funding is coming from What the research outcomes are Institution type Publisher Publisher: based on services, overall value for money. Customer has the benefit of being able to compare btw publishers, info we don’t have.

7 Building awareness and usage
Important that publishers work with institutions to increase awareness and usage levels For the institution: Highlight the library’s role in providing online access Library’s role in improving an institution’s research outcomes Justifying library budget and ROI on spend Printed and electronic promotional tools for the library Pls ask us for what you need For the publisher: Advertising revenue Sponsorship for ‘free’ content, such as databases Value for money, renewed subscriptions

8 What’s next? Further segmenting of data: By individual IP address
By journal, by article By year You tell us! Public forum - ask us, tell us Updates from NPG Customer Services

9 Thank you! Suzanne Kidd Johnson
It’s in our to research, retrieve, review, deliver, improve, support, advance, adapt, innovate, communicate, analyze, collect, evaluate, demonstrate, advise, impact, inform, identify, qualify, archive, preserve, recommend, respond, help, provide, examine, explore, inspire, experiment, optimize, publish, share. Thank you! Suzanne Kidd Johnson

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