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EBSCO A-to-Z ® Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007.

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1 EBSCO A-to-Z ® Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007

2 What is EBSCO A-to-Z ® ? A-to-Z is a locator tool for all of a library s e-resources, e-journals, including titles in full-text databases, publisher packages and e-books. This Web-based service provides a single, comprehensive online list of your library s resources. The easy-to-navigate, searchable list of journals allows end users to easily find any journal or e-resource, even those buried in a database. Simple, effective administrative features allow you to customize the list for your library, including an overlap analysis tool to help you evaluate your collection.

3 What content is tracked by A-to-Z? Titles tracked by A-to-Z include those: -in aggregated databases -at publisher sites -at gateway sites -individual e-journal sites, including free journals, society sites and public sites -e-book collections from leading STM publishers around the world. Titles from hundreds of different sources You can also upload and maintain your print titles and other local resources in your list.

4 What data is tracked and displayed? A-to-Z tracks the following for each journal: -Journal title, ISSN, publisher -Subject (choice of LCC, General or Medical headings) -Provider (databases/sites where a journal or e-book can be found) -Coverage (per journal/provider, including embargo information when available) -Links to the content. -Notes and icons to communicate specific information about a title/database -Custom information within notes to communicate summary holdings, special reporting for ERMs and more

5 A-to-Z Reader Site Tabbed interface provides more functionality while maintaining simplicity. Letter links provide easy browsing. An alphabetical list of all your journals, including those in databases. Sub-alphabet allows faster navigation.

6 A-to-Z Reader Site Dictionary-style page list provides easy access to a specific page of results.

7 A-to-Z Reader Site Direct links to each provider that contains the title. Coverage displayed for each provider.

8 A-to-Z Reader Site We link to the title level when available from the provider.

9 A-to-Z Reader Site Sub-headings display after selecting the appropriate main heading. Libraries can choose to display LCC, General or Medical headings. This example displays LCC. Subjects display in a drop- down box with the approx. number of headings under the main heading. Users can also browse by subject.

10 A-to-Z Reader Site User is presented with titles assigned to that subject.

11 A-to-Z Reader Site The search tab provides more advanced search options. Advanced Search allows user to accurately zero-in on titles of interest. Simple Find box allows user to quickly find titles that contain specified words.

12 A-to-Z Reader Site Custom Tab allows library to communicate information to users and/or embed HTML.

13 How does A-to-Z support linking? You can link both out of and into your A-to-Z list. To link from A-to-Z to other services, simply create a CustomLink using the A-to-Z Admin site. -Link from A-to-Z to your OPAC, a link resolver (such as LinkSource ® or SFX ® ) or anywhere else you designate. -Pass title metadata (such as ISSN) to other services. -Allow users to find extended information in other places about a title of interest by simply following a link from A-to-Z.

14 Linking into A-to-Z To link from other services to A-to-Z, simply create a link in the other service that points to A-to-Z. This journal link-in feature is built into A-to-Z. -Link from your OPAC, A&I databases, link resolver (LinkSource, SFX, etc.) to a specific journal in your A-to-Z list. -Users can quickly see where full text is available. -A-to-Z reads title metadata (such as an ISSN) passed onto the URL from the other service and displays the corresponding title and links. -Integrate A-to-Z directly into your own Web site.

15 Select journals/e-books to include in your list. -use the online Title Wizard -or upload a file containing your list for instant updates Download your list any time Add EBSCO CustomLinks that point to your OPAC or other services Manage proxy settings Select the title metadata you want displayed in your list Choose from a variety of display templates (or create your own) Brand your list with your own logo and text Add local notes and/or icons that specify information for patrons (Ex., Available on-campus only; Hays Building, Room 200) What Admin features are available?

16 Admin features (continued) Upload and download Custom Notes to be used for summary holdings, information for ERMs, track titles purchased through a consortium, etc. View usage reports and utilize overlap analysis to assist with collection development. Custom Tabs can be used to communicate information to users and/or embed HTML. Upload special text or symbols with custom titles using Unicode support (available for any non-English world language). Choose from 15 languages.

17 A-to-Z Admin Site

18 Easley create your list using the Title List Wizard.

19 A-to-Z Admin Site Easily down- or upload your title list using the Download/Upload feature.

20 A-to-Z Admin Site Create Reports or use the Overlap Analysis Tool.

21 More Information / Contact For more information or to sign up for a free trial, visit: EBSCO Information Services GmbH Sachsendamm 2-7, 10829 Berlin Sabine Teichert E-Mail: Tel.: +49 30 34005 Frank Bertsch E-Mail: Tel.: +49 821 Electronic Resource Management Februar 2007

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