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Module 3 Agricultural Communications

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1 Module 3 Agricultural Communications
Christopher Dzimadzi (Team Leader) Blessings Chinsinga Regson Chaweza Patrick Kambewa

2 Objectives Did the messages reach the recipients?
Did the messages have any impact? Were there other channels of information? Were there any problems with the leaflets? Was the inclusion of HIV/AIDS leaflets acceptable and effective?

3 Did packs contain leaflets?
Pack with leaflets (%) Pack without leaflets (%) Don’t know Men 76 20 4 Women 79 11

4 received in good condition
Condition of leaflet Leaflet received in good condition (%) Leaflet damaged Men 70 30 Women 71 29

5 The message SP TIP Fertilizer: full bottle top
Ridge spacing: 90cm Intercropping with legume recommended Recommendation for planting maize and beans on same day Use of hybrid maize seed No maize recycling recommended TIP Fertilizer: half bottle top Ridge spacing: 75cm Monocropping recommended No recommendation for simultaneous planting Use of OPV Recycling of maize seed recommended


7 Section 1: Agricultural leaflet

8 Section 2: Agricultural leaflet

9 Section 3: Agricultural leaflet

10 Section 4: Agricultural leaflet

11 Problems with the leaflet
Literacy Numeracy Shapes and sizes Units of measurement Conflict with traditional practices 90cm vs 75 cm between ridges

12 Recommendations Deliver packs on time
Alert farmers on contents of packs:

13 Recommendations (Cont’d)
Describe fertilizer in terms of function or texture: Basal = wokulitsa (for growth) Urea = wobereketsa (for yield) Basal = wachitowe (coarse texture) Urea = washuga (fine like sugar) Use of anthropometric illustrations:

14 Use of feet as units of measurement

15 Use of arm to represent yard

16 Use of knee to represent time for fertiliser application

17 Other sources of information
Field Assistants Radio

18 Top radio programmes Men and Women Zaulimi Chitukuko m’Malawi
Zokomera alimi Ulimi wa phindu Boys Tinkanena (No. 2 for girls) Girls Zimachitika


20 Suggestions for leaflets
Pictures of people suffering from HIV/AIDS How to properly use a condom The advantages of abstinence Symptoms of HIV/AIDS sufferers How to take care of sufferers in a family Encourage testing for HIV/AIDS Encourage openness on HIV/AIDS discussions Condemnation of practice of chokolo

21 Module 3 team members!

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