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Gender Integration Photo from:

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1 Gender Integration Photo from:

2 What is gender integration? Program Cycle: - Planning - implementation - assessment Differences & Inequalities between women and men Greater social equity Improved outcomes

3 Gender Integration continuum ppt Gender Integration Continuum

4 Gender exploitative, accommodating or transformative? Participation in Policy Making in Bolivia A municipal strategic planning process was proceeding with no participation from women. Staff decided to conduct gender workshops for women and men before the start of the planning process to create a space for public voice for women, and to challenge norms about womens participation in public policy. In addition to building confidence to participate in public settings, the groups assessed changes that the strategic planning process could include to facilitate participation. *adapted from IGWG training module

5 Gender exploitative, accommodating or transformative? Handwashing for Diarrheal Disease Prevention in Central America A large initiative aimed to reduce morbidity and mortality among children under five through a communication campaign promoting handwashing with soap. Mass media (TV, radio, posters) depicted a mother as a caretaker of the family and illustrated critical times for handwashing before cooking or preparing food; before feeding a child or eating; and cleaning up after a baby. *adapted from IGWG training module

6 Youth Roles in Care and Support for PLWHA In Zambia, one project sought to involve young people in the care and support for people living with HIV and AIDS. The project carried formative research to assess what care-giving tasks male and female youth felt more comfortable and able to carry out, as well as what PLWHA themselves would prefer to have male or female youth carry out. Based on this research, the project adopted an approach that incorporates the preferred tasks to develop youth care and support activities. *adapted from IGWG training module Gender exploitative, accommodating or transformative?

7 (note to facilitators, the following slides can be used in small groups for folks to decide where the project may fall on the continuum, and also to brainstorm ideas for what could be done to make the programming more transformative)

8 Supporting family planning use In Rwanda, a health clinic project which sought to increase access to family planning methods found that women who tried to use family planning were facing resistance from their husbands at home. Within the households, men were the main decision-makers, yet they did not go to the clinic with their female partners to learn about and decide on family planning methods. The clinic decided to provide women who visited their clinics with a sealed letter of invitation to the husband, so that they husband would not feel threatened by their partners action in going to the clinic and could make decisions about family planning choices. Gender exploitative, accommodating or transformative?

9 Sports for Youth In Kenya, the initiative used sports to provide youth (especially girls) with opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills. The project uses sport as a medium for girls empowerment; bridging gender inequalities; improving education success; and enhancing social inclusion of marginalized groups of youth, with a focus on girls. Girls and boys were encouraged to play in traditional games, and boys played in boxing and auto mechanics activities while girls participated in volleyball and music activities. The project took a girls too approach that sought to build community support for girls inclusion in social spaces outside of school, where they can develop their social, intellectual and leadership skills in a structured setting. Out of school spaces include sports clubs, girl guides, technology clubs, or other extra-curricular activities. Teachers, mentors, peer-educators, and community coaches were trained to support these efforts. Rather than top-down leadership in the traditional sense, the initiative emphasized practical opportunities for girls to develop the ability to take action that improves their own lives, their family, and their communities. *fictionalized from a CARE project Gender exploitative, accommodating or transformative?

10 Agricultural production yields In an agricultural project, staff conduct a gender analysis and learn that men tend to raise cows and women raise chickens. Though cows are higher value producers than, women traditionally do not own or raise cows. Staff recognize these gender differences and plan to separate producer groups for men and women – one for men (with cows) and a separate one with women (on chickens) Gender exploitative, accommodating or transformative?

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