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HOLIDAYS IN GREAT BRITAIN What holidays in Great Britain do you know?

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3 What holidays in Great Britain do you know?

4 There are many festivals in Great Britain.

5 Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. People buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with toys and coloured balls. When children go to bed, they put their stockings near their beds. At night Father Christmas comes and puts presents into the children’s stockings.

6 Boxing Day comes after Christmas. People do not work that day. They visit their relatives and friends and give their presents in boxes.

7 People celebrate New Year on the 31st of December. They have parties at home. A lot of people go to Trafalgar square.

8 People send greeting cards, sweets and presents to people they love. The 14 th of February is St. Valentine's Day

9 1April The 1 st of April is a day for fun. Children play jokes and tricks on other people.

10 In March there is a holiday for English women – Mothering Sunday. People visit their mothers and grandmothers and give them presents. If they can’t do that, they send their mothers “A Mother’s Day card”.

11 Easter usually comes at the end of March or in April Many children like this holiday. Children get bright or chocolate eggs or rabbits. Easter Bunny (a rabbit) is the symbol of this festival. Children have Easter holidays and come back to school after Easter.

12 English people celebrate officicial birthday of Queen Elizabeth II in June. There is “the Queen’s Birthday Parade”.

13 Skyline Auckland Waterfront On the 31 st of October in Great Britain there is a nice holiday for children – Halloween. People put pumpkins with candles in them on the windowsills. Children dress up in funny dresses< go from house to house and say “Trick” or treat”.

14 Children wake up very early in the morning to find their__________ with the presents from Father Christmas.

15 When is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II?

16 Winter Spring Summer Autumn In which season of the year is Halloween celebrated ?

17 Christmas Boxing Day Valentine's Day Easter Sunday Halloween Each holiday has its own symbols.What are they?

18 Check Yourself!

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