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Four seasons.. Spring March 21st April May June 22nd.

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1 Four seasons.

2 Spring March 21st April May June 22nd

3 It smells spring in the air. Flowers appear in the meadows,in the parks and on the balconies. Children run in the park. The days are getting longer. The weather is warm and sunny.

4 Easter It is always in the spring. People make Easter eggs and go to church. The Fools Day It i s on the first of April.People say jokes and play tricks.

5 S ummer June July August September

6 Its a season for holidays. People leave big cities and towns to have a rest. The weather is hot and nice. Days are very long.

7 For children the beginning of a school year means the end of the summer. In the middle of September another season starts.

8 Autumn September October November

9 Its the time to change the clock. Its gets dark early and the days get shorter. Autumn usually means the rainy season. Its cold, foggy and damp.

10 Halloween Children dress up as witches and ghosts. The symbol of Halloween is a pumpkin with a candle inside.

11 Winter December January February

12 Its very cold, frosty and snowy. Children play with snowballs and make a snowman. Its white everywhere.

13 24th December – Christmas time starts. People decorate the Christmas Tree and give each other presents. Singing carols is a very popular tradition.

14 The end.

15 Made by: Karolina Godlewska 1c

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