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Holidays and Festivals in Britain

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1 Holidays and Festivals in Britain

2 Match. New Year’s Day 31 October St. Valentine’s Day March or April
Easter Festival 1 January Halloween 14 February Guy Fawkes’ Night 25 December Christmas Festival 5 November

3 New Year’s Day The beginning of a New Year is a time for celebrating and for making a new start. People wish each other “Happy New Year” and send special greeting cards. On New Year’s Eve (December 31st) many people go to parties with their families, neighbours and friends. They go to bed after midnight to “see the New Year in” at 12 o’clock. In London people gather to celebrate in Trafalgar Square. When Big Ben strikes, they all hug and kiss each other and shout “Happy New Year”.

4 St. Valentine’s Day On St. Valentine’s Day people send a special greeting card (Valentine) to those who they love. Some people buy presents for their sweethearts or give them red roses, a symbol of love.

5 Easter Easter Sunday is the day when Christ’s return to life and victory over death. On this day many people go to church. Children get presents of Chocolate Easter eggs. Easter always means spring, new life after winter, flowers, green trees and young animals.

6 Halloween Celebrating Halloween is a very old tradition. Long ago people thought that on 31 October spirits of the dead came back. That’s why now some people dress up as witches and ghosts. They make lamps of pumpkins. Sometimes children go out in groups, knock on people’s door and say “Trick or treat”. They usually get a treat, some sweets or nuts.

7 Guy Fawkes’ Night Guy Fawkes’ Night is on 5th November. That Day in 1605 some conspirators wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I and his ministers. Guy Fawkes was one of them. But they couldn’t do that because the King’s men caught Guy Fawkes and killed him. People enjoy celebrating the day with their friends and families. On 5th November when it gets dark, people go out into the streets and watch beautiful fireworks. They often make big bonfires and gather near them.

8 Christmas Day People in Britain celebrate Christmas on 25 of December. It is often cold, wet and foggy at Christmas. Families decorate their homes and Christmas trees. The day before Christmas is Christmas Eve. It is a very busy time for families in England. They prepare presents, make Christmas cakes, hang stockings near the fireplace. Children often write letters to Father Christmas with their wishes. On Christmas Day everyone opens presents and sits down to table to have a big dinner. Families usually have turkey or goose with vegetables. During the holiday carolers go from house to house in the evening. They ring handbells and sing Christmas songs. People give the carolers pies, nuts, fruit or a little money. The day after Christmas is Boxing Day. But there’s no fighting on that day. The name “boxing” comes from the time when people put money for the poor in the church boxes. Then on 26 December the poor got that money. Now people often use this day to give some money to people who helped them during the year.

9 What is the traditional English food?
Answer the questions. What is the traditional English food? Where do people usually go at Easter? What do people usually buy for their sweethearts on St. Valentine’s Day? How do British people celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night? Where does the most famous Christmas tree stand in London?

10 7. How do British people dress up on Halloween Day?
6. What do people do when Big Ben strikes? 7. How do British people dress up on Halloween Day? 8. What do children say when they knock on people’s door at Halloween ? 9. What do they usually get? 10. What do British people hang near the fireplace on Christmas Day?

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