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Our Sunday Visitor Parishioner List Upload Instructions.

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1 Our Sunday Visitor Parishioner List Upload Instructions

2 If you have not previously registered, please click “Register for the Online Customer Portal”. Website Features Our Sunday Visitor’s portal is your primary location for accessing the Online List Manager (OLM) and your Account & Order Information. Additional features include Website Sources for OSV hosted sites, Online Giving Resources for OSV users and Videos and Webinars. 1. Access Website Go to the following: 2. Login or Register Click on Customer Account Login.

3 Register: To register, you must fill in the following fields on the website’s form: Email Address Your First Name Your Last Name Telephone Number Select the Account Type Account Number State After clicking the Register button, you will receive an e-mail containing your temporary password.

4 Register continued Once you have received your temporary password, return to the website and enter your login information (e-mail address and temporary password). You will then be prompted to change your password by entering a new password. Re-enter your temporary password, then enter a new password and retype it to confirm, then click Change Password. Passwords should be a minimum of six characters. After your password has been changed, please contact Our Sunday Visitor’s Customer Service to have your user account activated. Once your account has been activated, the next time you log in to the website, you will need to log in with your e-mail address and new password.

5 3. Click on Account & Order Info

6 4. Go to Parishioner List Upload Located on the Account & Order Info screen is a module titled ‘Parishioner List Upload’. Step 1 - Select the List Name Step 2 – Click Browse to locate and attach your file Step 3 – Enter number of records on attached file Step 4 – Check box when you are ready to submit Step 5 – Click Submit File Once the file has been submitted you will receive an automated response to your email. The acceptable file types are:.csv,.xlsx,.xls,.txt,.prn Please note: The file name must have an extension at the end of it in order for the portal to recognize the file type. For example: Correct: April List.xls Incorrect: April List

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