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Group work – why do it? Rachel Horn – Civil & Structural Engineering.

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1 Group work – why do it? Rachel Horn – Civil & Structural Engineering

2 Structure of the session Employability & group work – Employers’ view – Academic view – Key discussion points Brief examples - my experience – Group work and skill development – Peer assessment and moderation Group discussion – Barriers and problems – Methods and solutions – sharing good practice – Adapting to other teaching scenarios

3 Employer view… Productivity Employability

4 Academic view… Deeper learning Management of numbers Employability

5 Making group work effective… main problems and barriers Group size Group selection Group management – ensuring participation – administration and facilitation Assessment Types of group tasks Skill development & awareness of skills

6 My experience Project modules – 3 rd year & 4 th year Careers and industrial liaison role – Discussions and involvement in teaching

7 3 rd year Group project

8 Embedding teamwork skills Subsequent 2-week group design project: Provide outline brief only – students interview client – Professional approach Too much for one student – all team have to co-operate, elements need integration Specific tasks – Encourages adoption of roles Only one or two team members participate in each “taught” session – encourage communication

9 Raise awareness of skills End of the design project: Final assessment Feedback and debrief session –Reflection on skills –Linked to professional training scheme –Could be linked to other skills awareness – PDP etc

10 Assessment: Peer assessment 4 th year module –8 groups = 4 paired groups – peer assess Encourages engagement Listen, question, analyse Develop constructive criticism Eager for feedback Learn from each other

11 Assessment: peer moderation Use peer moderation for “internal” team skills Anonymous evaluation of peer contribution Comments justify scores Scores used to moderate group mark Develop assessment criteria e.g. –Co-ordination, leadership, delegation –Data investigation –Problem-solving skills –General teamwork skills

12 Group Discussion – making group work effective… Main problems and barriers Solutions, good examples and ideas Adapt ideas to teaching situations

13 Group discussion Ideas for a group exercise / project Ideas for how to develop employability skills –Teaching scenario –Aims / intended benefits –Barriers / potential difficulties –How will skill development be achieved? –How will it be assessed? –Controls / solutions? –How will students be encouraged to recognise skills they have developed?

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