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Mündliche Prüfung BWL I Marketing 12 SWS.

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1 Mündliche Prüfung BWL I Marketing 12 SWS

2 Inhalt Leben und Studieren in Salisbury International Marketing
Business Marketing Management of Multinational Business Ausblick

3 Salisbury University

4 Classroom Karsten Business Marketing Int. Management Strategic Mgmt.
Entrepreneurship Small Bus. Consulting Business & Society Int. Finance Corporate Finance Golf Scuba Diving Robert Int. Marketing Int. Management Entrepreneurship Int. Finance Corporate Finance Spanish I Spanish II Fund of CommunicationI Interpers. Communication Health&Fitness: Swimming Timo Int. Marketing Business Marketing Int. Management Strategic Mgmt. Entrepreneurship Business & Society Int. Finance Corporate Finance Scuba Diving

5 Undergraduate vs. Graduate Study and der SU
Durchschnittsalter:   Anspruch:  Aufwand: 

6 Das Pinehurst-Haus

7 International Marketing

8 The International Marketing Task
7 Foreign environment (uncontrollable) Political/legal forces 1 Economic forces Domestic environment (uncontrollable) 2 7 Competitive structure Political/ legal forces (controllable) Competitive Forces Cultural forces Price Product Environmental uncontrollables country market A 3 Channels of distribution Promotion Environmental uncontrollables country market B 6 Geography and Infrastructure Level of Technology Economic climate Environmental uncontrollables country market C 4 5 Structure of distribution

9 Multinational Cooperation
Free Trade Area: NAFTA Customs Union: GATT Economic Union: EU . Political Union ??? (expl: US) International Marketing

10 Economic Development The Age of High Mass Consumption
BEM – Big Emerging Markets (China, India) Efforts of WTO (Mexico, Poland) International Marketing

11 FCPA – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Bribery FCPA – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act US – Germany – Japan International Marketing

12 Pricing Obstacles: Price Escalation (Costs of Exporting)
Inflation, Exchange Rates Middle Man, Transportation International Marketing

13 Japanese Distribution Structure
High Density Middlemen Channel Control Business Philosophy Large-Scale Retail Store Law and Its Successor Changes Effected by SII International Marketing

14 Example: Pricing Skimming vs. Penetration Obstacles: Parallel Imports
Price Escalation (Costs of Exporting) Inflation, Exchange Rates Middle Man, Transportation International Marketing

15 Business Marketing

16 Business Marketing Why study Business Marketing?
Business market is larger than the consumer market Most graduates begin their careers with b2b firms Need for innovative business marketing strategies Business market differs from the consumer market Business Marketing

17 Business Market vs. Consumer Market
Fewer and larger buyers purchase in large volume Professional buying Multiple buying influences Complex negotiations Close supplier-customer relationship More direct channels of distribution Business Marketing

18 The Organizational Buying Process
Business Marketing

19 Marketing Research Differences in Marketing Research
More firsthand information Potential customers can be identified easily Focus is less on product attributes, but on market potential and buying processes Business Marketing

20 Price Planning and Strategy
Competitive bidding Leasing Discounts Trade discounts Quantity discounts Cash discounts Business Marketing

21 Distribution Most manufactured business goods are sold directly to users Indirect channels can be reasonable when The market is widely scattered Small orders Goods made for inventory Channel Conflicts Second Product Lines Carried Inventory Levels Business Marketing

22 Promotion Professional Selling
Salespeople act as a link between manufacturer and customer Long-term and relationship orientated Other elements of the promotional mix just support personal selling Business Marketing

23 Term Project: Marketing Plan
Karsten: Radio Frequency Identification Systems Timo: Electronic Fingerprint Access Control Business Marketing

24 Management of Multinational Business

25 Management of Multinational Business
Management-Praktiken sind nicht überall gleich! In Mexiko sank die Leistung eines Fabrikarbeiters nach der Einführung von Leistungslohn drastisch...

26 Ansatz Werte (values) Prämissen (assumptions) Management Concept
Organization Labor Relations HR Motivation Negotiation Leadership Ethics Communication Management of Multinational Business

27 Example: Singapore Values Assumptions
Uncertainty Avoidance Low High Self-Orientation Individualism Collectivism Power Distance Assertiveness Masculine Feminine Assumptions Environment Control Submit Human Nature Good Evil Time Monochronic Polychronic Space Privat Public Context Low High Management of Multinational Business

28 Consequences for Organization
High Power Distance  Centralization Low Uncertainty Avoidance  Less formalization Collectivism  Loyalty to organization & ongoing business relationships Management of Multinational Business

29 Consequences for Leadership
High Power Distance  Autocratic leadership style Low Uncertainty Avoidance +  Achievement motivation: Masculine Culture More autonomy Challenges Pay by individual performance Management of Multinational Business

30 On the way to Germany... The first student
Prof. Hoffman, Prof. Adams + class

31 Alumni-Webpage Für Erinnerungen, zum Kennenlernen und Einleben in Salisbury

32 Danke! Ein herzliches Dankeschön an
Prof. Trommsdorff, Justin Becker und Jutta Gbur

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