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Linking Verbs and Being Verbs

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1 Linking Verbs and Being Verbs
Theme 2 Linking Verbs and Being Verbs

2 Activating Strategy On the sheet of paper given to you, circle all of the verbs in the list of words. Remember, a verb shows action….. Surprise …….They are all verbs !!!!!! We are now going to learn about another type of verb. This type of verb is a BEING verb.

3 Essential Question How do I identify being verbs, linking verbs, predicate nouns, and predicate adjectives? EQ Answer:

4 Vocabulary Being verbs- a verb that shows a state of being.
Linking verbs- when a being verb links the subject with a predicate noun or predicate adjective. Predicate noun- a noun that renames or identifies the subject. Predicate adjective- describes the subject.

5 Common Being and Linking Verbs
Being Verbs Linking Verbs am look is feel are smell was seem were become be appear being taste been PASS OUT TRANSPARENCY 2-24

6 Being and Linking Verb Power point
Being and Linking Verbs.ppt

7 In class Work with a partner to complete practice book page 157.

8 Assignment- Due Tomorrow
Complete workbook plus page 48 for Homework.

9 Summarization Activity
Reteaching Workbook page 29 Directions: Write the linking verb on the line. Circle the predicate adjective or predicate noun. At the end of the sentence write PA for predicate adjective or PN for predicate noun.

10 Bonus Activity If you want to earn a extra 10 points on your English grade, complete “Solve the Mystery” paper. It will be due on Friday when you take the test.

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