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Promotion and Progression – An Overview Fiona Ford, Len Hall, Bridget Lumb.

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1 Promotion and Progression – An Overview Fiona Ford, Len Hall, Bridget Lumb

2 The Academic Career Pathways Objectives To recognise that we recruit very high quality staff To establish Senior Lecturer as the expected Career Grade for Pathway 1 To provide clear career paths/options on all Pathways To provide clear expectations of employee/employer

3 Academic Staff Career Pathways Teaching Assistant 3a Teaching Associate 3b Teaching Fellow 3c Senior Teaching Fellow 3d1 Professorial Teaching Fellow 3e Reader in Teaching & Learning 3d2 Pathway Three Lecturer 1b Senior Lecturer 1d1 Reader 1d2 Pathway One Profile Level Profile Level Progression when role available Senior Research Fellow 2d1 Research Assistant 2a Research Associate 2b Research Fellow 2c Professorial Research Fellow 2e Reader in Research 2d2 Pathway Two Promotion Progression

4 Academic Promotion Promotion to Reader or Professorial level Single Criterion of Excellence Available on all Pathways Annual exercise for those wishing to be considered

5 Academic Progression Recognises the three different career tracks Progression mechanisms for b to c and c to d (separate mechanisms for a to b) Where role is deemed progressible, individual expected to develop in role Pathway 1 Roles automatically progessible Pathway 2 & 3 Role profiles developed in consultation with relevant staff

6 Academic Progression Assessment against the role profile Are you clearly meeting requirements of current role profile? Have you demonstrated that you are ready to fulfil requirements of the next role profile? Judged in the context of what is relevant to the particular role Balanced view of individuals performance, expectations of the role and opportunities available Importance of a well-prepared cv!!

7 Academic Progression Annual process, initiated by Personnel Services early October Cv submitted to your Head of Department within one month DProgC considers case late November Recommendations to FProgC in February (progress; not progress; deferred; on track; not on track) Faculty Progression Committee decisions notified in March/April

8 Accelerated Progression Exceptional - those seeking it must already be demonstrating competencies commensurate with the next profile. Staff in progressible roles eligible from all points on level b or c. Individual (or HoD) to make their case. 2 external assessors reports to be sought for those seeking accelerated progression to level d.

9 Academic Progression Appeals – from decision of FProgC to panel of two PVCs Normal Progression – on grounds of procedures not followed; or decision perverse Accelerated Progression – on grounds of procedures not followed only


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