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Contribution Pay Scheme Fiona Ford Deputy Personnel Director.

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1 Contribution Pay Scheme Fiona Ford Deputy Personnel Director

2 Contribution Pay Scheme Part of the local agreement on the new grade structure Contribution points at top of Grades D – L Certain principles outlined in the agreement Have been working with managers and unions over the last 18 months to develop a scheme

3 Grade Structure

4 Contribution Pay Scheme & Additional Service Payments Schemes have now been agreed Contribution Scheme will be introduced from 1.8.09, with first payments being made 1.8.10 Alongside the Contribution Scheme we will introduce a revised scheme for Additional Service Payments, to take effect from 1.8.09 Schemes seek to balance need for transparency and consistency with the requirement for streamlined processes

5 Contribution Pay Scheme & Additional Service Payments Contribution Pay Scheme – concerned with behaviour and delivery within a role – the way in which an individual undertakes their role (available only to those at, or above, top service increment) Additional Service Payments Scheme – concerned with tasks or activities that are undertaken in addition to a role (available to all staff throughout the incremental range)

6 Additional Service Payments Scheme ASPs will, from 1.8.09, be available to recognise additional, one off, tasks, projects or activities, for which there is no ongoing requirement (slightly more limited than current scheme) Decisions on awards will be made by Dean or Registrar twice a year, to aid consistency Application process similar to current

7 Contribution Pay Scheme Contribution Scheme available only to those at top service increment, on the contribution range, or those protected above the range Will recognise sustained, exceptional performance which is significantly over and above normal requirements of the role Will operate annually, with process initiated by Personnel Services

8 Contribution Pay Scheme - Criteria Expectation is that all staff will reach a high level of performance in the role Incremental progression recognises individual development and growth in contribution over time Individual must be bringing an exceptionally high degree of pro- activity and problem solving to the role to be eligible under scheme

9 Contribution Pay Scheme - Criteria Examples of where sustained exceptional performance may be evidenced might include: Outputs and results – consistently delivering exceptionally high quality work within or before deadlines; consistently overcoming significant obstacles to ensure deadlines are met; consistently achieving an exceptionally high level of customer/client/student satisfaction

10 Contribution Pay Scheme - Criteria Methods and processes – identifying and implementing on an ongoing basis new approaches to the role that significantly enhance service delivery, efficiency and/or effectiveness of the department or function in a way that would not normally be expected within the role

11 Contribution Pay Scheme - Criteria Contribution to the running of the team/department/division/school/faculty/ university – ongoing participation/contribution more broadly across the relevant area in a way that would not normally be expected of the role; or consistently demonstrating an exceptionally supportive or adaptable approach which contributes to the achievement of objectives of the relevant area

12 Contribution Pay Scheme April (2010) - Personnel Managers will meet with Heads of Department Review those on top service increment as at 1 st August previous year Review those on Contribution Range (pink circles) Review those protected above Range (red circles)

13 Contribution Pay Scheme Head and Personnel Manager will forward recommendations for awards to Dean/Registrar Deans/Registrar will consider recommendations with a view to ensuring as great a degree of consistency and equity as possible Will forward decisions to Personnel Services by end of June Moderation meeting will be held in first year of scheme (all Deans and Registrar) to ensure appropriate benchmarks and thresholds are being established

14 Contribution Pay Scheme Staff at top service increment: On first and second occasions of award, payment will be made as a lump sum bonus, equivalent to value of increment (not pensionable). Payment in August Where an individual receives an award each year, consecutively over three years, on third year individual will be consolidated on to the next increment point (and will also receive a lump sum payment)

15 Contribution Pay Scheme Staff already on the contribution range (pink circles) who are confirmed as meeting the criteria will be immediately assimilated to their contribution point, and will become a white circle consolidated on the contribution range Such staff who do not meet the criteria will be advised as to how they might do so – if they have not by July 2011 they will drop to top service increment from 1 st August 2011

16 Contribution Pay Scheme If it is agreed that a red circled individual meets the criteria, this will be noted so that when pay protection ends they may be consolidated as a white circle to the top contribution point of their substantive grade Such staff who have not met the contribution criteria by 1 st August 2011 will drop to top service increment of their grade

17 Contribution Pay Scheme Those who have been consolidated on the contribution range will be reviewed annually to confirm whether still operating at the exceptional level If in any year they are deemed not to be, they will be advised of how they might resume performance to meet criteria If they have not resumed performance by following year they will drop to top service increment (or lower contribution point)

18 Contribution Pay Scheme Those consolidated on to the contribution range will also be eligible to be considered for further awards under the scheme Must be demonstrating a further expansion of their excellent performance (e.g. extension of outstanding performance to different areas of work) Where an award is agreed, they will move to next Contribution point from 1 st August

19 Contribution Pay Scheme Right of Review – where Head/Personnel Manager have not put forward a recommendation Right of Appeal – where individual feels a decision that performance is not sustained at the exceptional level is inaccurate

20 Contribution Pay Scheme – Next Steps Procedures and guidance will be published on web over the summer Personnel Managers will brief FPARCS in September/October Open meetings for staff/managers will be held in October

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