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Session 1 Welcome & Introduction to the School Malcolm Atkinson & David Fergusson 7 July 2008.

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1 Session 1 Welcome & Introduction to the School Malcolm Atkinson & David Fergusson 7 July 2008

2 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 20082 Today: Getting Started Forming a community Establishing a culture Introduction to Distributed Computing Introduction to Security Introduction to the Facilities Web 2.0 Application: Modelling Society

3 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 20083 Getting Started: Why we are here Welcome! Gergely Sipos Malcolm Atkinson Philosophy Were all here to learn from each other Build relationships Build understanding and skills Share the excitement of e-Science Quick Introductions! Bibliographies, badges, posters, social events, teams, game, … You do it your way!

4 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 20084 Thank you Students Without you there wouldnt be a summer school Local Organisers Gergely Sipos, Zoltan Balaton & their team Setting up the facilities Handling student administration & finances Finding the site & negotiating arrangements Programme Committee Assembling a curriculum and presenters Chair (Malcolm Atkinson), Vice Chair (David Fergusson) PC Administration (Jo Newman) Practical Committee David Fergusson, Ted Wen & their team The Presenters They give their time and resource their own travel The Sponsors & Contributors They make it affordable

5 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 20085 Historic Note ISSGC Series Started by EDG, EGEE & GGF Fabrizio Gagliardi, Charley Catlett & Tony Hey Built on CERN School of Computing Previously held Vico Equense and Ischia, Bay of Naples, Italy Supported by SPACI as Local Organisers Supported by ICEAGE, GGF & OGF Mariefred, Sweden Supported by KTH as Local Organisers

6 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 20086 Normal Daily Pattern 08:45Introduction to day, linking & operational issues 09:00High-level principles of theme (10:30 break with refreshments) 11:00Development of theme in real systems (12:30 lunch & relaxation) 14:00Practical session 1 - basic skills for theme (15:30 break with refreshments) 16:00Practical session 2 - advanced skills for theme (17:30 break) 18:00Illuminating applications of scientific computing (19:30 dinner) 20:30After dinner (optional) activities some nights

7 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 20087 Overview of Summer School Mon Setting up, Establishing Foundations & Teams, Security, Web 2.0, Example: Population simulation Tues Distributed Computation (web) Services illustrated with UNICORE, Treasure hunt Wed High-Throughput Computing illustrated with Condor, Grids & Software Engineering Panel, Posters Thu Integrated Grid Middleware illustrated with GT4, CaBIG example application Fri Distributed Data Management, gLite, Biomedical Applications, Distributed Data mining Sat Production grids: EGEE, Campus Grids, OSG, DEISA & NorduGrid, self-organised excursions

8 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 20088 Overview of Summer School 2 Sun Group excursions Mon SAGA API for Grid Applications, MS HPC services, Introduction to Integrating Practical & Desk-top grids Tues OGSA-DAI, P-GRADE & Workflows Wed Ontologies & Semantic Grids, Start of Integrating practical Thu Integrating practical, Team presentations, Gala Dinner, Talk, Certificates Fri Panel on the Future of Distributed Systems, Wrap up & Farewells

9 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 20089 The Practicals Why do the practicals? To reinforce the concepts & acquire understanding To develop skills & build confidence Form of Practicals Each technology or topic has a basic practical Then it offers an advanced practical These are intended to build further skill for … The Integrating Practical A simulation of collaborative grid-enabled research Each team makes its own choices Friendly competition, perhaps Assess the utility of the available methods Advance your understanding & confidence

10 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 200810 Todays Sessions Overview of Distributed Systems Malcolm Atkinson Introduction to Practical Facilities Zoltan Balaton Introduction to Security Gergely Sipos Forming Teams David Fergusson Web 2.0 Introduction & Practical David De Roure & Mark Borkum Application example: Modelling cities Mark Birkin

11 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 200811 Thanking our sponsors …

12 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 200812 … and technologies …

13 Balatonfüred,Hungary - 6th-18th July 200813 … and contributors

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