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Useful tools for ESRC Research Centres

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1 Data inventory, audit and management tools Veerle Van den Eynden UK Data Archive

2 Useful tools for ESRC Research Centres
Which tools can help ESRC research centres with data management: ESDS data inventory template DCC data audit framework Data management planning tools

3 ESDS data inventory template
To help co-ordinate data management and future data submissions for ESRC data centres Funding source Programme or initiative (ESRC or otherwise) Project title PI name Other researchers / data contact Project start & end date New datasets created? How many datasets created Dataset type (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, model) Offering data for deposit at ESDS? (Note problematic issues surrounding data sharing) Other plans to share data

4 DCC Data Audit Framework (DAF)
provides organisations with the means to identify, locate, describe and assess how they are managing their research data assets online tool helps ensure that research data produced in UK Higher Education Institutions is preserved and remains accessible in the long term

5 DCC Data Audit Framework (DAF)
define purpose and scope of audit identify research data assets assess management of data (vital assets) identify weaknesses in data policy and current data creation and curation procedures improve data management

6 DCC data audit framework
Data assets inventory Name of data asset Description of the asset Asset manager(s) Reference Asset classification (vital, important, minor) Classification comments General comments Data management assessment (core elements) Data asset ID Data creator(s) Title Description, incl. spatial, temporal or subject coverage Subject Creation date Purpose Source Updating frequency Type Format Rights and restrictions Usage frequency Relation Back-up and archiving policy Management to date

7 Data management planning
Examples: Relu data management plan – developed by ESDS / UKDA and NERC DCC data management template

8 DCC data management template
Introduction and context Legal, rights and ethical issues: IPR, copyright, licenses, ethical issues, consent agreements Access, data sharing and reuse: how share, access restrictions, potential uses Data collection/ development methods, incl metadata, standards, quality assurance Data standards: data type, formats, platforms Short-term storage and data management, incl. access management, back-up Deposit and long-term preservation: where, how, which preparation, which documentation Resourcing: roles and responsibilities, costs Compliance and review: adherence to DMP, DMP reviews Agreement/ratification by stakeholders (if useful)

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