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ESDS - a new service Kevin Schürer, Director, ESDS/UKDA.

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1 ESDS - a new service Kevin Schürer, Director, ESDS/UKDA

2 What is the ESDS? new service, running from 1 Jan. 2003 jointly supported by: –Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) –Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) initial five year funding commitment

3 UK Data Archive, Essex MIMAS, Manchester Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research (CCSR), Manchester Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), Essex Partners

4 ESDS Overview provides access and support for key economic and social data distributed service, bringing together centres of expertise in data creation, dissemination, preservation and use provides seamless and easier access to a range of disparate resources for HE and FE sectors core services plus four specialist data services

5 Sources of data official agencies - mainly central government international statistical time series individual academics - research grants market research agencies public records/historical sources qualitative and quantitative access to international data via links with other data archives worldwide links to UK census data

6 ESDS Core Services ESDS Management –central 'first stop' help desk service –coherent and flexible collections development policy –central registration service operating across the ESDS –universal data portal ESDS Access and Preservation –collections development strategy –ingest activities - including data and documentation processing –metadata creation –data dissemination services –long-term preservation

7 Specialist data services ESDS Government ESDS International ESDS Longitudinal ESDS Qualidata Greater emphasis on: value-added data and documentation enhanced resource discovery improved delivery services service specific help online support materials training programme outreach and promotion

8 Key target groups research users –new researchers –PhD students and their supervisors promoting research communities teachers –research methods –substantive courses –data support staff

9 Contact

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