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CARERS & EMPLOYMENT Professor Rosemary Chesson Health Services Research Group.

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1 CARERS & EMPLOYMENT Professor Rosemary Chesson Health Services Research Group

2 Carers & employment 1 in 8 carers combine work and care 250,000 working carers in Scotland 3 in 5 may be caring Peak age for caring between 45 and 64 BUT 1 in 5 give up work because of caring

3 Action for Carers & Employment (Scotland) Partnership led by Carers UK ACE in Scotland includes: Carers Scotland Equal Opportunities Commission Association of Directors of Social Work Objective to produce a National Framework for Carers & Employment

4 Policies 1999 to date n = 12 Policy flexible working 11 main Policy work/life balance 10 drivers Specific ref. to carers 8(4) Policy for carers 4 Policies audited 6(5 review)

5 Questionnaires completed by: Statutory sector eg Highland Council, NHS Grampian, Voluntary agencies eg Princess Royal Trust Commercial sector eg Lloyds TSB

6 Policies made known to staff All regular channels Intranet Global e-mails Team brief Staff newspaper Staff handbook/manual/guide Booklet Induction Carers conference/roadshow

7 Managers: guidance & monitoring Written guidance 10 Monitor 6 (1 yes & no)

8 Information provided on….. Carer organisations 8 Carers pack 6 Carers register 3 Carer contact team 3

9 Key elements of policy & practice Provisions available to all staff Flexibility Culture of empathy & support Carers recognised as having particular needs & organisation values their contribution

10 What works well/not so well WellNot so well Informal interventions & support Not everyone taking full advantage InclusivenessJob share Raising profile of carers Recognition everyone has different needs Monitoring of uptake Range of flexible optionsStaff seeking a definitive answer from policy

11 Critical for success Line management –attitudes (buy-in) –flexibility –constant awareness raising Developing partnership with staff Staff need to be honest with managers Respect for each individuals circumstances (giving options) Updating & reviewing policies

12 Conclusion We are very keen to look at how carers policies are working in practice and to learn from other organisations

13 Acknowledgements Carers Scotland All who replied to questionnaire

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